Saturday, March 22, 2008

Top 10 Bunny Countdown

To all the bunnies, rabbits, and hares out there that have made us laugh, cry, worry, fear: this one's for you. The countdown:

10. Bunny (Lake). Is missing. Carol Lynley is frantic and Laurence Olivier thinks she made up the whole thing. He was wrong. Great Otto Preminger film, by the way.

9. Hazel, our hero from Watership Down. We love Fiver, too (but not General Woundwort).

8. Rabbit (Angstrom) from the John Updike novel, Rabbit, Run (1960). And Rabbit Redux, etc.

7. Peter (Rabbit). Not to be confused with Peter Cottontail. This Peter is the invention of good ol' Beatrix Potter. He was naughty and not very bright. But he drove Mr. MacGregor ca-razy.

6. White (Rabbit)/March (Hare). These hallucinogenic bunnies from Alice in Wonderland are a) in a big hurry and b) mad. The big distinction, however, is that White Rabbit enjoyed fame as a Jefferson Airplane song, as well. Bet that drove March even madder.

5. Killer Rabbit (of Caerbannog). From Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Thank goodness for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

4. Bugs (Bunny). I have a thing for sarcastic, dress-wearin', opera singin' wascally wabbits, don't you?

3. Brer (Rabbit). He loved his briar patch, but not that ol' tar baby. Thank you, Joel Chandler Harris.

2. Velveteen (Rabbit). Or how toys become real. Or how to make a grown man (or woman) cry. Boy, I love this book by Margery Williams.

1. Easter (Bunny). This is a blatant attempt to curry favor with the big furry guy, as he decides who to leave nice chocolate eggs for tonight while I'm fast asleep. If you're reading this, EasterB., I like all kinds of chocolate, jellybeans, and Peeps. And I've been a good girl all year. No. Wait. That's my story for Santa.

Yeah, I left off Roger, Flopsy/Mopsy/and Cottontail, and the boiling bunny from Fatal Attraction. They would've definitely made my Top 20 Countdown. Notice no mention of the Playboy kind of bunny.

Now bring on the chocolate, EasterB. Happy Easter, all!


Elsie said...

Great list. I can't believe that you could come up with 10 bunnies, never mind 20! "Watership Down" is one of my all-time favorite books. I hope the bestest bunny of all, the Easter Bunny, was good to you.

Liz Hinds said...

Nice choice but I'd have to include Jessica Rabbit. That girl had style.

Hope the Easter Bunny was generous after your fast.

jomoore said...

Great post, Mary.

The first rabbit that sprung (hopped?) into my mind was Harvey, James Stewart's invisible chum...

Happy belated Easter! I hope the chocolate tasted chocolatier after your period of abstinence.

MaryB said...

I see the Bunny List has the potential to, er, grow like a bunny family. I'll try to remember that next Easter.