Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It hit me first thing yesterday morning, that urge to have a good clean-out. The "toothpick cleaning" urge doesn't strike very often, so I have to take full advantage of it when it does. By "toothpick cleaning" I mean the anal-retentive type that is so nit-picky that I break out toothpicks to clean all the little crevices in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else little crevices tend to lurk.

I went crazy - totally rearranged my bedroom, as well as my book shelves (no, I didn't order the books by color). I went though I-don't-know-how-many Swiffer wipes (Bailey's a big, furry, shedding dog, doncha' know), paper towels and Windex, and polishing cloths. I even climbed out onto the fire escape to clean the outside part of the arch at the tops of my windows. Wow!

There's still major work to do in the kitchen and bathroom - when I say major, you must keep in mind the teeny size of both. And you can't really call what I have a kitchen, either. Anyway, not much more to go, and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.

I love seeing my little apartment through new, spring-clean eyes. Since the past few weeks have been so chaotic and emotional at work, having my personal space clean and organized tamps down the other craziness and reminds me that I can control at least a bit of order in my own little rooms.
Plus, Lil Sis arrives Tuesday afternoon for a few days' visit, so I have an immediate reason to spring-clean. Here's hoping the cleaning-bug sticks with me a couple more days. Not only must I finish up here, I have to pack up my office tomorrow and Tuesday for a big move to 5th floor, as well.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few more Swiffer wipes to kill.


Joy Des Jardins said...

You put me to shame Mary. So many people are in that cleaning out and organizing mode. I feel it; but I need to ignite dynamite under myself to get me going. Bravo for you sweetie...

MaryB said...

Well, Joy, as you know, it just doesn't pay to try to do spring cleaning until the real cleaning bug bites (even if it only bites every other October). If I'm not in the mood, I end up making more of a mess. So if the urge strikes at 10pm on a Friday night, I get moving. Relax! Until your bug bites!

Anonymous said...

My wife's favorite saying is that dust is a protective covering. Tell Cindy that I said hello, and to give Buck my best . Don't overdo yourself on the cleaning....the fumes may get to you. JMB

MaryB said...

Jay - I love your wife's attitude! I'll tell Cindy and Buck hello.