Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catching Up is Hard to Do

It's even harder than breaking up (tip o' the hat to Neil Sedaka).

Gee, where to start? How about the Cliffs Notes version:

  • Landed in Atlanta last Thursday and headed straight for The Colonnade for real fried chicken and collard greens. Yum!

  • Taste-tested various wedding cake flavors at three different wedding cake bakers. Lots of buttercream frosting, as well. For more about that experience, feel free to visit The MoBster Diaries.
  • More food indulgences, including steak, Mexican food, and Japanese food. While the food was great, the family, friends, and conversations were even better.

  • Got to see my niece and her adorable kids, Bryleigh and Jaxon. Such cutie pies!

  • Survived the "spring ahead" time change, and managed to make it to church on time to preach (yeah, I know) at the 8am and 11:00am services. Plus teach a Sunday School class. A big "mwah!" to the good folks at St. Mark's, Dalton, Georgia.

  • Only gained .2 lb. after all those enchilladas, fried chicken, and buttercream chow-downs.

  • OK, that's the quickie version.

    On a different note: how stupid is Eliot Spitzer? Geez Louise! It always hits hardest those preachers and politicians who rant and rave about morality and "right," eh? Once you set yourself up as Mr. Moral Crusader, you don't go out and pay incomprehensible sums to high-priced call girls. Seems like a no-brainer to me. And that's why I try to avoid politicians (and preachers) who arrogantly set themselves up as the new messiahs of this or that. I feel extra sorry for his wife and daughters, though. Sheeesh!

    OK. I think I'm sorta caught up now.


    Joy Des Jardins said...

    Oh what a great picture of all of you....and they ARE cutie pies. I see a strong resemblence between your neice and you.

    Great going on your diet sweetie...hardly worth mentioning. So glad you had a good time....

    MaryB said...

    Aw, thanks, Joy. Yeah, I could have eaten my way clean through any of the cake put before me, but I went easy on it (and settled for all the fried chicken I could eat!).

    Liz Hinds said...

    Your niece looks like you!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time - including the preaching!