Friday, March 28, 2008

A Canterbury Tale

News came down today from the powers-that-be that I have been tapped to attend the Lambeth Conference in July. For those non-Anglicans out there, every 10 years the Archbishop of Canterbury summons all the bishops of the Anglican Communion to England to, well, I don't know - eat, drink, and get to know each other.

Lambeth Conference isn't actually held at Lambeth Palace in London - the place is too small, apparently. So all the hub-bub takes place in Canterbury at University of Kent and that great whackin' cathedral. I haven't been to Canterbury since my first trip to England in 1971, so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm honored to be chosen. Very exciting stuff!

Lest you think I've been elevated to purple-shirt wearin' level (er, no), my assignment is to staff the Episcopal Church exhibit in the marketplace area. I suspect my main duty will be to dispense information and be adorably gracious. As only a Southern woman can be. Meet, greet, be sweet.

Oh, and a warning for Jo, Pete, Chris, Chux, et. al.: Get yerselves ready, pals! I hope to find a few days before or after my Canterbury pilgrimage to bother you. A meal and drinkies? What's on at Ottershaw Players in July?

Now where'd I put my Wife of Bath outfit?


jomoore said...

Hoo-rah, Mary!

Hopefully your visit will coincide with one of the small windows of opportunity when the family are all around (but they're a busy bunch these days). Me, though. I have no plans really. Away the first week of August, but that's about it. How lovely it will be to see you again!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Congratulations! You will charm the dog-snot out of 'em, girl... Bring us back something really good, huh?

Anonymous said...

YOU GOT IT! Congratualtions! I'm so excited for you. I love you.


MaryB said...

Jo, can't wait to see you again (what little is left of you!). I'll try to do the extra days on the front end of the trip (mid-July).

Winston, I'll be on my best Southern Sunday-Best Episcopalian behavior - or I'll try to be, anyway. Now, what can I bring you?

Thanks for the support, Baby Girl.

Liz Hinds said...

Wow! You must be really important, mary!

Tell them you have to go and visit St David's Cathedral in Wales too (it's the smallest cathedral city in Britain) and then I can meet you too.