Friday, February 02, 2007

T'ain't nothin' easy

Survived - barely - yesterday's move. Still have a few things at the old place that I need to bail out later today.

Phone was connected yesterday but not DSL (even though the order was with the same company). No computer. So today, I cancelled the original order and went with a company that could get me going by Tuesday at the latest. Knockin' wood real hard. I think I can rig the dial-up (dial-up!) to carry me till then. We'll see.

Cable TV folks didn't show yesterday, even though scheduled. Spent this morning on the phone bullying them 'til they agreed to come tomorrow. Knockin' wood . . .

The new neighborhood will take some getting used to. I already miss my Botox'd rich ladies of Carnegie Hill.

We'll talk about the noise another time. Again, it will take time to get used to it.

Doin' visa/innoculation work this week to get ready for Tanzania and Kenya. Did I forget to mention I'm going to South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya for 3 weeks in March? My bad. More about that later.

So did the Groundhog see his shadow or not? Don't know if New York has the equivalent of Panxatawney Phil or Gen. Beauregard Lee to forecast the coming of spring (maybe Bob of the Bronx? Brooklyn Betty? Quincy of Queens?). We really haven't had any winter here to speak of so don't know if it matters much.

What's with the baby corn in Chinese food? Just too weird to eat, so I have to pick it out. Regular size corn is 'way better.

I'm in a funk. Don't mind me.


Anonymous said...

I watched the groundhog on video and they said the prediction is we would have an early spring.

Tamar said...

Oh my goodness. How exciting for you to be visiting Africa in March. I can't wait to hear your impressions.

Of course you're in a funk, MaryB. Moving is tough, tough, tough. I'm a-thinkin' of you and holding thumbs that it feels more familiar really soon for you. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Africa in March? Yeah, like to hear more about that, pre- and post-.

All you need to cure that funk is a mess of collards, pone of cornbread, and a pot of blackeyed peas with some of granny's chow-chow on 'em. And sweet tea, of course, all followed by some nanner puddin'...

Joy Des Jardins said...

Looks like spring will be early this year....wouldn't that be nice?

I've got to give it to you've done it. You're in your new place....funk and all. You are amazing. All those little sniggly details will get ironed out, and you'll feel a lot better.

Africa...girl, you kill me. Keep us informed about that one.

Hey, I think those little baby corns are weird too. I always give mine to my daughter....who loves them.

MaryB said...

Thanks for the good news on the Groundhog-front, friends. (Though the temp outside today . . .)

Definitely more about Africa soon. Stay tuned.

Hmmmmmmm, 'nanner puddin'.