Monday, February 12, 2007

Talk amongst yourselves

My candle's burning at both ends and the middle, and I haven't had much time to blog. And so many earth-shaking events have happened lately that truly need my keen edification! (Insert *sigh* and a little shake of the head.)

Why, I haven't even had time to give my opinion on:

  1. The diaper-wearing murderous astronaut

  2. Snow pile-up in upstate New York (yet, 'nary a flake in the City)

  3. Anna Nichole trainwreck (can't look away)

  4. Hugging skeletons found in Italy

  5. Frankie Laine (RIP, Mule Train)

  6. Molly Ivins (RIP, and thanks for kickin' ass, girl!)

  7. Dixie Chicks' sweet revenge (mo' kick-ass Texas girls, Earl!)

  8. Westminster Dog Show (tonight and tomorrow - can't-miss TV fer sure)

  9. Cartoon Network marketing run amok in Boston

  10. All-Helen Mirren, All the Time (but she deserves it)

Sorry. No more time. Talk amongst yourselves, and I'll get back to you when I'm not so verklepmt.


Elsie said...

Can't wait to hear your take everything. Never met an astronut but do know several people who've worked for NASA. Very nice group, but all a little strange (I think they're all just a wee bit too intelligent for their own good). I find the hugging skeletons most interesting.

Hope all is going well with your new digs. I'll be watching Westminster with ya.

Tamar said...

Wow - you're more in the know than I am. I'm just boringly busy with work. Smiles.

Liz Hinds said...

We're missing you, Mary! Hope all is well with work. And the new apartment.

Elsie said...

Fell asleep last night and missed Westminister (big party pooper). But I'll be sure to watch tonight.

Snow is on the way, finally! Hope you get some in the city, too.

MaryB said...

Tamar, these are just the things I've heard buzzing the in the air over the last week. I'm completely ignorant of their newsworthiness (except for the dog show, of course).

Elsie - here's the run-down: Akita, Dandie Dinmont, Toy Poodle, Standard Poodle. Those were the group winners last night. My favorite groups are tonight (sporting, hound, herding), though I love the working dogs, too. Just once, I'd love to see the Golden Retriever or lab or boxer or mastiff win. Sigh. It was great when that whopping big Newfie won several years ago. Don't get me started. I suspect BiS will go to Dandie.

Liz Hinds said...

Ah, so Westminster is like our Crufts.

Chris said...

Ah yes, the great Frankie Laine - Ghost Riders in the Sky, Wild Goose, Jezebel, I Believe - his was among the first records I ever bought to play on the family radiogram, a piece of furniture about the size of large writing desk that played 6 records at a time!!

Just compare now with what you can get on an ipod.

Elsie said...

Not a golden, but a cutie nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I can always count on you to keep me up-to-date on what's important out there. Thanks!

Had not heard about Frankie Laine. I remember him well, and of course, expecially for "Mule Train".

The "hugging" skeletons... they may be ancient wrestlers trapped in a death-lock where neither would let go.