Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best o' Show

James, the English Springer Spaniel. Lovely dog. Glad a terrier didn't take it again (or one of the poodles - what were they thinkin'?). None of 'em have a patch on my Bailey, but Westminster's always fun to watch. (Yeah, Liz, it's like Crufts, except that Crufts is a lot bigger, I think.) Next year, I plan to be in Madison Square Garden to see these wonderful pooches live and in person (in canine?).


Anonymous said...

Now Mary, please be kind to us poodles, we're really rather nice. But why do they groom us in such an awful way for those shows? Secretly I am glad James won, though he couldn't hold a candle to Bailey, Harvey or me.

MaryB said...

Ooh, I'm sorry Hershey! You're right. Nothing wrong with poodles that a normal hair-do wouldn't cure. I hear though my dog-lovin' daughter that poodles are actually brilliantly great dogs. (DO talk to the groomers, though . . . )

Right - Harvs, Hershey, and Bailey (and all you sweet blog-dogs out there) could give any of the Westminster-ites a run for their money!

Anonymous said...

My little cousin, Holly, is half Springer so I'm prepared to give James the benefit of the doubt. Maybe next year we should all enter and show 'em what real dogs are!

Bro said...

Back in the '70's while I was living in Miami, I house sat for friends while they were in Europe. It was a lovely home in Coconut Grove. Perched on the Steinway Grand was the silver Revere bowl for Westminster Best In Show. Won in 1969 by Skye Terrier
Ch. Glamoor Good News. Over the years I have seen Mr. Walter Goodman as a judge for the Terrier group at Westminster. Still an ageless, elegant man.
It is friggin' impressive seeing that bowl in person.