Monday, February 05, 2007

Ice, ice, Baby

Here are a few shots from yesterday's venture into Central Park (18 degrees F, I think it was). Discovered a whole new section of the park. Harlem Meer (frozen in foreground) and the Conservatory Gardens. The little dancing girls in the fountain statue look blissfully unaware of the cold. At any rate, Bailey and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Still no internet or cable TV in the new digs. I keep gettin' stood up by the installers.

That's OK. I just settled in to DVD-land. Watched the entire 6-hour PBS series on the history of Broadway. Then I was off and running with an eclectic mix: The Innocents (I still don't really get what happened), The DaVinci Code, The Ice Storm (how apropos), Best in Show, and Mary Poppins (always save the best for last).

And that's what I was doing when I wasn't freezing off my pa-toot on my little walkies with Bailey (who seems not the least bit fazed by it all).

And today? Well, today I had jabs for yellow fever, polio (booster), Hep A and B, plus I acquired pills for malaria and typhoid. (Er, rather, pills to avoid malaria and typhoid.) All that's left now is the visa for Kenya. I think that'll be a Friday-thing.

Current temp: 17 / wind chill makes it 2. Personally, I can't tell the diff once the thermometer goes below 20. Cold be cold, 's the way I see it.

Stay warm out there, my little Eskimos.


Liz Hinds said...

brrrr, shivering for you, Mary.

Hope you get your cables sorted soon. We've had a similar problem getting broadband in work. Been trying since November!

chux said...

i think its got cold again here lately I dunno why except maybe its come over from you guys again! :)

Good to get a chance to catch up with your dvd watching. Not sure i can approve of all of it though. Davinci Code was ok but not fantastic like i'd hoped. I worked out the story in 15 mins. Movies have been junk lately in my opinion. Have you seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yet? I love that, even though it was a bit lovey dovey!

keep warm ! all the best

Christa said...

eww...and here we have spring weather during the days right now and have had for the past week or so. Sunny and warm in the days, but very cold and frosty during night time. Throws my body into a fit big time. Still nice tho.

I love that first piccie from Central Park. I used to iceskate a lot as a kid and I still love it. Heck knows if i would be able to do it today

As for getting a decent connection going, I can relate. They're all a bunch of lazy schmucks :p

MaryB said...

re: the TV, I've rescheduled for Thursday afternoon. I plan to spend all Thursday morning calling Time Warner confirming the afternoon appointment!

Nah, DaVinci Code wasn't that great, but it kept me entertained for a couple of hours. (That little Audrey Tautou is just cute as can be, doncha' think?)

I love ice skating, too, Christa. Did some outdoor skating when I lived in Minnesota. Always sounds romantic, but the ice is never as smooth as a rink! ;-)

Elsie said...

We're having the same weather.

Best in Show was hilarious. And Mary Poppins, that goes without saying. Stay warm.