Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fast away the old year passes!

OK, OK. 2009 wasn't all bad. In fact, some wonderful things happened over the course of the last twelve months. Here are a few highlights from my year - again, in no particular order:
  1. Reconnecting with childhood friends through Facebook. I know it's cool to complain about various social networking sites and quake in your boots about the potential dangers, but thanks to Facebook I have rediscovered the folks who "knew me when." I love seeing how life turned out for my elementary school friends. We're all just as cute and smart and good-hearted as we were when we were 7, 10, and 13. That's very comforting to know.
  2. Getting to show my 6th grade teacher around New York City. I never thought Marilyn and Dewey would venture forth, but thanks to their son Bruce's Carnegie Hall concert in April, they left California to spend a few days in this wild and woolly town. The Statue of Liberty, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Broadway - a great time with great friends.
  3. Girlfriends' weekend in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Always fun to take time out and spend a few days with my best buds. Bro was a great host, the "cabin" (and I use the term loosely, as it's way bigger than any house I've ever lived in) was perfect, and the talk was refreshing.
  4. Mad Men and Glee. 'Nuff said.
  5. Seeing SuperStation FunTime friend Susie again after all these years. Twice in one year, even! Once in March - a surprise set up by another SSFT-er Jerry, and a second time in August when she came to visit with her son Ben. I love you Susie Baer!
  6. Keeping my job. Lots of people around here lost their jobs in July. I survived the cut, but who knows what the new year will bring? For now, however, I am gainfully employed and am spared the soul-sucking task of hitting the streets with a resume.
  7. Fun with Beth in New York City. Can you tell my year's highlights revolve around friends who come to visit me? I love playing city guide. Friend Beth and I had a great time when she hit town in October - the new High Line Park, the Met, St. John the Divine, just to name a few hot spots. And perfect fall weather!
  8. The blessed week I spend at B&B Wyndbourne in April. Had the place to myself. Read lots of books, tramped through the woods, and ate/drank fabulously with hosts Nancy and Ralph. The perfect getaway.
  9. The weirdly fun MP3 Experiment on Roosevelt Island. Thousands of strangers following orders over their iPods to participate in impromptu square-dancing, acting like robots, and bopping each other with inflatable bats and hammers, much to the confusion of onlookers not in on the joke. What's not memorable about that? (And I still have my inflatable hammer.)
  10. Disneyland! Fifty years after trekking out to California in the family station wagon, Sis and I (and bro-in-law) spent a fabulous day at the park that cause such wonderment all those years ago. I enjoyed the time-warp experience. Thanks, Sis! (And the wine tour was fun, too!)
  11. Dante at the Cathedral on Maundy Thursday. Amazing reading of cantos from Dante's Inferno at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, capped off by bone-shaking organ music. Wow! And free!
  12. And the best for last. *** drumroll **** Grandbaby on the way! Woo-hoo! Daughter and hubby have a bundle of boy-joy set to arrive February 22, 2010. Next year will be fine indeed!
Gathering with family and friends, discovering new places, reading new books, tasting new foods - all make life worth living, whatever winds of fortune howl outside your door. I highly recommend making your own list of 2009 highlights and savoring the memories. Throw the list of awful things into the fire. Happy New Year to all! (More gin, anyone?)


Tamar said...

Happy New Year, MaryB!
May it be peaceful, fulfilling with much happiness and love. Good luck and excitement for your new grandchild!
Smiles and hugs from not too far away ...

jcburns said...

Happy New Year, MaryB. Seeing you (and your daughter) at Manuels was a treat for wishes to those SSFTtypes when you talk to them again.
And yeah, the High Line is pretty cool (see this pic from my 24 hour visit. I waved in your direction, BTW.)

Liz Hinds said...

What a fabulous year, mary, and the best is yet to come! I speak as a new granny obviously!! Lots of love to you and the parents-to-be.

Elisson said...

Your comment about reconnecting with old friends on Facebook resonated with me. In early 2009, a friend from elementary school found me, and through him, I reconnected with a small army of friends that I had gone to elementary school and (in some cases) high school with.

A group of us managed to meet for dinner in NYC a few months ago. It was fascinating to see the various paths our lives have taken... and to share memories of our third and fourth grade teachers!

As much as I gripe about Social Media, Facebook and its brethren do serve a purpose... as our experiences will attest.