Sunday, December 06, 2009

Right this very minute! Part II

I love Christmas decorations. Not before Thanksgiving, of course, but as soon as we've put away the turkey platters, I say bring on the Christmas bling! Back in my pre-New York City olden days, I decorated every room in our house. Yep, green garlands around the bathroom mirror and everything. I loved my little house at Christmas. So it breaks my Christmas-lovin' heart that I no longer have an outlet for my annual house-trickin'-out urge.

My Spanish Harlem apartment is tiny. No room for a tree. A fresh tree is outrageously expensive in NYC, anyway. Plus, I spend the holidays in Atlanta - what's the point? I do have a box or two of my tree decorations up here (couldn't bear for them to moulder away in a storage unit) and try my best to sprinkle them around my little place, if only to keep me tied to my traditions.

But this year, I really, really wanted a tree - or something to decorate. So I got creative. Still not sure whether my idea was brilliant or tacky.

I looked around to see if I could figure out something plentiful,  stackable, and decoratable. What I have the most of is books - and there you have it. I stacked 'em up from big to small, ran a string of lights around the tower, hung a few ornaments, and plopped an angel on top. What do you think?

Well, never mind. I need a little Christmas. Right this very minute!


Anonymous said...

Fantastically Clever!! It turned out so beautifully.

MaryB said...

I know you're being kind, Bro, but it does add just a little sparkle to the room!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh My kill me Mary. I love it! You definitely are a girl after my own heart. It's beautiful. YOU ARE THE BOMB MARY!

Happy Holidays.... Love, Joy

Anonymous said...

Advent Schmadvent!!? Wait a minute! I (we) grew up Baptist and it has been only in the last few years that I even knew of such a thing. Now, having become a Methodist we're lighting candles, making wreaths, and readying ourselves for Christmas. AND, I was asked to teach an adult Sunday School class this month on what else? ADVENT. We Methodists rely on you of the"higher" church orders for some encouragement.
Advent Schmadvent indeed!

MaryB said...

Sorry - I'd had it up to here with the Advent Police, wagging their fingers at me about my little tree and humming Christmas carols. I do love the hopeful part of Advent, and of course, the wreathes and calendars. So go ahead and lead that Sunday School class - just emphasize "Hope." (Just my suggestion, and I never attended seminary.)

Elsie said...

It's just lovely and so perfectly Mary. Merry Christmas to you.

MaryB said...

Elsie! Where have you been? Hope all is well -