Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ooh, Grandma! What a big mouth you have!

Just got the news from daughter Kate. I'm going to be a grandma! She and Greg are over the moon. Baby due end of February-March (they'll find out more when she goes for the blood test next week). Congratulations to the Mama- and Daddy-to-be!

I told Kate that I'd wait until she gave me the go-ahead to make the announcement, thinking they might want to keep it to themselves for a bit. But she said there wasn't any way she could keep that secret, so I was free to let the world know.

And thanks to Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter, I'm doing just that. Ooh, Grandma! What a big mouth you have!


Anonymous said...

Boy name suggestions: Steve or Stephen

Girl name suggestions: Stephanie or Stevie

MaryB said...

Hmmmm. Wonder who's sending these suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Boy name, William, Bill, Billy

Girl name, Billye

Puppy name, Spot

Anonymous said...

Alternate nick name: Shorty

Anonymous said...

That's great..Congratulations. They are great to spoil and buy neat things for. Then their parents try to deal with them . I agree William David for a boy and Mary Cynthia for a girl.

Liz said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! You and me both. It's so exciting!!

Oh and congratulations to daughter and son-in-law too!

P.S. I bought Golden Girls series 1 on dvd and even now it's whizzing its way to me. I shall blame you if I don't enjoy it!

MaryB said...

Jay - great suggestions, although Cindy's name really is just Cindy, not Cynthia. I'll pass along the idea to the glowing couple.

Liz - YEA for both of us, indeed! Congratulations to you, too!

chux said...

hey your gonna be a grandma! Top news, congratulations to the couple of course, but it must be exciting for you too!
Just to add my comment to the name thing....

boys - we nearly went for Bramwell (very English, was the name of the Bronte sisters brother)or Hadley

Girls - I love Alice or Alycia (mum mums middle name was Alice)

please pass on the suggestions never know !! ha ha

Peter (the other) said...

No name suggestions from this quarter, but a big smile, hearty congratulations and the best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to suggest any names right now Mary....I'm just going to say a very big CONGRATULATIONS to YOU, your daughter, and your son-in-law. I'm so excited and happy for all of you. What a WONDERFUL Grandma you are going to be. Cheers to you all. Lots of love, Joy

Anne Hendrix said...

Hey Mary, I am Susie Moore Gravitt's little sister Anne (remember me?). She introduced me to your blog, which I thoroughly enjoy. Our first grandchild, an adorable boy named Jesse Ace Hendrix, was born two months ago. Being a grandma rocks!