Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girls of Gold

A couple of weeks ago, we had our annual Girlfriends Weekend. Last year's gathering was sort of a 6-day "weekend" in New York, so this year we headed for a more bucolic setting - Blue Ridge, Georgia. As always, it was time spent catching up, gossiping, wondering "where are they now?" - all enhanced with lots of munchies and adult beverages.

Blue Ridge offered lots of advantages (for example, a lovely big cabin with a spectacular view and a hot tub), not the least of which was that we were just up the hill from my brother's mountain home. Bro and Bill - yeah, the two Bills - greeted us with champagne and a cheese tray on Friday and treated us to a splendiferous dinner on Saturday night. As I said, Blue Ridge has it's advantages. And a good time was had by all.

The weekend coincided with my rediscovering of the TV show "The Golden Girls" of late. With the recent death of Bea Arthur, programmers have taken the opportunity to run GG marathons and add the show back to the play list, I suppose. I'd forgotten how laugh-out-loud funny the show is, by the way. Hilarious writing, plus each actress being true to her particular shtick, makes it timeless. Only the massive shoulder pad fashions nail it to the 80s-90s period.

I've been trying to match up my own Golden Girls with the TV counterparts, but I haven't been very successful. OK, let's face it, I'm definitely the Dorothy Zbornak type - bossy, sarcastic - though I wish I had a touch more Blanche Devereaux sexiness and Rose Nylund sweetness. But the Girls? Hmm. I'm not sure they fit exactly. I think each of them are a combination of sweetness, sexiness, and sarcastic. Wonder which GG character my friends identify with?

Maybe it's time for a few more "stereotypes" and another go at a Golden Girls-type program. That said, don't call it The Golden Girls. And it better have some damn funny writing.

I do know this. That I love my own Girls of Gold and treasure our time together. Next year, the beach?


TheiaC said...


This is true- just last night we had a "girls night" back in your and Linda's old stomping ground. During the ride home I said to myself 'L. is just like Banche Devereaux!' She's out of control, so perhaps soon I will ship her to NYC so that Dorothy can bring her back to reality! LOL!

Cute post! Thank you!

MaryB said...

Yes, of all of us, Linda comes the closest to being our Blanche - cute and flirty. (Ralph's an idiot, BTW.)

Joy Des Jardins said...

You guys look so great! What a nice time you must have had Mary. Nothing better than old friends getting together to reminisce, laugh and enjoy each good for the soul.

I also loved the Golden Girls...that show will always be a classic.

MaryB said...

Thanks, Joy! Yup. There's nothing like old friends.

Liz said...

I've never watched it but you've made me want to now! I wonder if it's on ebay ...

Glad you had a great time with your friends in that cabin. Sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

We had such a good time the weekend you girls spent here in Blue Ridge. Wish it could have been for a longer time. You all grew up to be such wonderful women. Oh yeah, the remainder of the Godiva chocolates you all left disappeared like a snowball in hell before you all got to back to the highway. Thanks.