Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A little something for the "Southern" Italian family

Took the day off today to do a little New York shopping, since I leave for Atlanta on Saturday. I'm coming in earlier than I had planned, but our gigantic, fun-filled, whoo-hoo! family Christmas gathering will be at Cuz's place in Dahlonega on Sunday, and I just didn't want to miss it.

Cuz, who occasionally adds his 2-cents' worth to my posts, and his wife are hosting this riotous affair (and let's face it - a family gathering rarely comes off without a bit of rioting). They have added a little twist to the tradition-bound food-theme. This year, instead of our usual down-home Southern pot-luck meal, Wife o' Cuz suggested an Italian theme. Well, why the hell not? Other than the fact that I'm situated in the city with more fine Italian food than the whole of Italy, so why go to Dahlonega? - but what the heck.

Anyway, after polling my resident Italian (hard-working office mate Lisa), I was told to get myself down to Veniero in the East Village and pick up an Italian cheesecake. Or two. I opted for two. I know my family.

At the crack of 10:30 this morning, I walked through the venerable doors of Veniero and grabbed two of the ricotta-filled cheesecakes. I was tempted by the fig ring - sounded wonderful! - but at $12.00 a pound, and it's heavy - I stuck to the cheesecake option. So, the kind folks (well, actually they were kinda snooty) at Veniero boxed up my little cakes and tied them with string. They now coolly reside in my fridge, where they'll remain until I pack them on Saturday. Unless I feel the need to "test" one of them. No, no, I won't - I promise.

I will have to pack them in my checked luggage, since squishy stuff's not allowed through carry-on security, as a friend trying to bring in pumpkin pie filling found out at Thanksgiving. Dear Family, I will do my best to pack the cheesecakes carefully and pray that the luggage carriers slinging my bags around won't turn them into mush. If they do, you're eatin' 'em anyway. I'm sure they'll be yummy, whatever the consistency.

After Veniero, I did a little street shopping in the East Village and at Union Square, where there's a big Christmas market set up. Just trinkets. I'm po', ya' know. Ooh. And had lunch at dear old S'mac - 4-cheese mac and cheese with ground beef and a layer of pepper flakes. Ummmm-umm!

I'll let you know how the cheesecakes fared on their trip South. It will be some kind of fabulous Italian hoe-down come Sunday. Yee-haw and Mamma Mia!


Anonymous said...

Mary- We are going Italian ourselves this year. Lasagne , salad ,etc. We all O.D. on turkey and ham thanksgiving so since I'm cooking and it's at my house I got to choose. It must be a "Southern Thing". Give my best to all of your family this season. JMB

MaryB said...

Jay - What a coincidence! Guess it is a Southern Thing. I'll pass your good wishes on to the family. Y'all have a very Merry Christmas (or Buon Natale).