Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Crazy/Christmas Calm

After almost two full weeks in Atlanta, I'm back in my little New York turret to ring in the New Year. It's good to be back, but it was a most wonderful Christmastime down home. Much of what happened falls squarely into two camps: wild/crazy, restful/calm.


  • Family gathering, including the hayride. You've seen the pictures - food, babies, cows.
  • Chuck and Barbara's party. Good conversation, lots of laughs, and unsurpassed salmon Wellington. Oh, yeah - and he didn't hide the "good" stuff: the lovely blue-bottled Bombay!
  • Cookie-making frenzy. (Yummy butter cookies and outstanding cheddar cheese nibbles, if you're interested.)
  • Children's pageant service the Sunday before Christmas. All those angels and wise folk! I assure you that the Baby Jesus couldn't have slept in heavenly peace with all this racket going on. Hilarious (in a religious sort of way)!
  • After-Christmas movie Sweeney Todd with daughter Kate. Fabulous. Amazing. Brilliant. The only thing I missed (from the play) was "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd," but I understand why it wouldn't have worked in the film.

  • Time enough to put my feet up by the fire and watch old Christmas movies. Very restful and welcome. Ahhhh!
  • Meal-sharing with friends - lunch with Lynne, dinner with Craig, and dinner(s)/present-exchange with Carey & Family. Nothing beats good conversation in conjunction with good food and dear friends. All part of the blessings of the season.
  • Low-key Christmas day with family. Amazing stories around the fireplace - some funny, some loving, one scary/disturbing. Nibbling on sweets and chowing down on homemade chili and sandwiches. Calm and bright.
  • Going through the stack of Christmas cards when I got back to New York yesterday afternoon. I took my time and appreciated each and every one.

Not sure which category the Christmas Eve service at All Saints' falls into - crowded, colorful, brass-and-timpani, red roses and poinsettias, candles, music. Not crazy. Not calm. Christmasy, though.

Hope Santa was good to you. Now, I must go find a pen and ream of paper to start making those resolutions for 2008!

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