Friday, December 28, 2007


Everyone says it, I know, but really - where has 2007 gone? I'm still trying to get some closure on 2004. At this rate I'll never catch up. Is it OK to just skip 2004-2006 and work on 2007, do you think?

It's the stock-taking that wears me out. What have I done this year that I meant to do? What did I get myself into that I swore I wouldn't? What fell by the wayside? All those good intentions.

Seems a rather depressing exercise, but I'm not denying that one must take inventory once in a while, lest our ready supply of . . . of . . . stuff runs out. And Lord knows I need stuff to keep me going. Still, it always appears that my short-comings (not staying in touch, losing weight, writing - no! I mean it!, miraculously becoming a kinder, gentler soul, etc.) far outweigh the accomplishments.

But, next year! Next year, by gum! I will repair my damaged, flimsy moral fiber. I mean it. I will make it beyond February on the resolutions. Or not. Well, hope springs eternal. I'm facing a 4-day weekend, and I'll try to think this stuff through. Or maybe I'll just sleep and read. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It does not quell the avalanche of time, but I have a very simple method for eliminating the frustration and personal disappointment of missing objectives and resolutions. Don't make any. Years ago I decided that New Years Resolutions were ridiculous. And I am at peace with that decision. If I want or need to do something, I just do it, regardless of time of year.

Anyway... Happy New Year to you Mary! Best of everything!

Em said...

Sleeping and reading sounds like the good option to me. Besides, I'm pretty certain that naps can help with that flimsy moral fiber.

Liz Hinds said...

Oh, it could have been me writing about my short-comings and accomplishments!

But in church this morning someone was talking about being God's hands and I figure that when I mashed potatoes in Zac's on Boxing Day it was with God's hands, so perhaps it wasn't such a menial and small thing after all. If we can think of our accomplishments in that way, we may both be surprised by what we have achieved.

Have a great New Year - and with a wedding to prepare for - oh boy!

MaryB said...

Winston - yeah, I'm just blowing smoke up your skirt. I'm not making any resolutions! :-)

em - Wow! I didn't know naps could repair moral fiber! I plan to do a little more moral fiber repairing, then.

Liz - you're right, of course. Haven't we just been reminded of that by holiday viewings of "It's a Wonderful Life"?

Happy New Year, all!

Elsie said...

Don't sleep all weekend! Happy New Year!