Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have a desk piled high with things that must be written - chop-chop! Everything from a couple of press releases (usually something I can spit out in minutes), to web-copy for a site that needs attention, to a draft of a letter that will eventually be re-written by the Presiding Bishop, to brochure copy for a big event. I can't get into any of it. I'm writer-stuck.

Random thoughts are pouring out all over various Word documents, but nothing seems to come together. Now, why aren't the press releases generating themselves? Am I distracted or just out of "hook" ideas?

The web-copy - well, that's nothing but good old-fashioned slog-and-craft stuff, but it still needs some sparkle to it. Let's see, now where did I put my sparkle-wand?

The ++Katharine letter is actually something I've asked her to do in support of an upcoming mission event. Fine. But I have to give her a draft of what I want her to say, then she'll put her voice into it. Even knowing that the draft will go through one other person before reaching her, I'm finding it hard to write. Writing in someone else's voice is all very well and good in fiction, but something like this letter is hard for me.

And the brochure copy? Well, I'm sure I can finish it when I find that damned sparkle-wand!

I'm also stuck on two non-work-related stories that have been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks. Aargh! So frustrating! Good ideas, both of them - but each begs an important question or two before I can really get something on paper. And those questions just aren't getting answered. Perhaps I can check into NYU Medical Center for an imagination drip.

Till then - I'm stuck.


Elsie said...

Go take a walk (my cure for everything). Just wondering, is writer-stuck easier to shake off than writer's block? In any case, have no fear. Tomorrow's magic is sure to clear the cobwebs. Happy Halloween.

MaryB said...

Hm. Well, writer's block is when I repeatedly charge head-long into the idea-wall to the point of brain-numbness. Writer-stuck is when I'm being sucked down into a huge molasses pit of no ideas, slowly cutting off all oxygen to the creative space in my brain. I'm definitely going down right now! Here's hoping Halloween helps.