Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Question of the Day

Ooh! Ooh! Teacher! I have a question!
Why do people blow their noses and then look at the results in the tissue or handkerchief?

I guess there's no good answer. Just like there's no explanation of why men have to spit on sidewalks.

Forget "Who killed JFK?" or "What really happened to the two princes in the tower?" When I get before God, I'm asking the "nose/handkerchief-viewing" and "men/sidewalk-spitting" questions.


petercmoore said...

Re. the Handkerchief question:
I have to look just to make sure I didn't shoot a piece of my brain out through my nose...


Elsie said...

A very serious issue, Mary, and just plain old disgusting. But what is even more disgusting is the whole handkerchief thing. Why would anyone choose to re-use? Gross. There's a reason for tissue!! Now I'm not saying a gentleman showing one in his jacket pocket or a woman dropping hers to entice a man (does that really work, I wonder?) isn't fine, but to actually use one for boogers is simply beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I think we look at the tissue to see what color it is as an indicator of our condition. Clear - no problem, probably just allergies. Yellow or green - infection. Red - bloody from blowing too hard. Purple - drink the Merlot, don't snort it.

MaryB said...

PT and Winston - I appreciate your need to check on your body fluid expellations (?), but is that not best done in private, rather than on a crowded subway? :-)

elsie - must be a guy-thing.