Wednesday, December 30, 2020

COVIDiary: Let's Kick This One To The Curb, Eh?


It has been an historic year. One damn thing after another, actually, but lest I tempt fate on this almost last day of the year, I seem to have survived. So many didn't. No need for a yearly recap - who'd want that? Still, I do have some last thoughts to get down for posterity, so here goes. 

Things Done:

  • Stayed alive

And that's it. That's all. I managed to stay alive.

Things Left Undone:

  • Everything else

I didn't finish writing any of my great American novels, become a master chef, learn to knit or throw pottery, run a marathon, sort my finances, organize old photos, or become fluent in Urdu. I didn't even read as many books this year as I did in 2019. 

What I Learned:

  • I would be just as bad at total retirement as I always thought, so I'd better keep my job.
  • Teachers aren't paid enough. I've always known this, but they've really had to up their game this year, doing triple and quadruple the work for virtual school.
  • A good percentage of my sister and brother Americans are stupid and selfish (not the fault of their teachers). Harsh, I know, and something I always suspected, but if COVID19 and the 2020 elections taught me anything, it's that a solid knowledge and respect of science and civics is tragically missing among the populace. I know I'm breaking that commandment not to judge others, but I'm willing to swim a few laps in the Lake of Fire in the afterlife to calls it as I sees it. 
  • Teachers aren't paid enough.
  • Too many white people are dangerous assholes who need to sit down, shut up, and listen to non-white folks. 
  • Teachers aren't paid enough. 
  • Americans have no idea what socialism, with all its variations, is. 
  • Teachers aren't paid enough. 
  • I still remember how to do fractions and decimals (thanks to helping with Liam's virtual school). 
  • Teachers aren't paid enough. 

And that's all I have to say about 2020. It's been a watershed year in the most awful of ways. Too many senseless deaths, life upended in a million ways. I'm thankful that at least I can hold my grands close, and I pray all of us stay well. 

Let's tiptoe into 2021 and lie low until we see if it's safe.

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