Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ode to My Own Bed

Oh it's fine to travel here and yon
For work or rest or play -
To Bombay, Beijing, Bruges, or Bonn.
A change of scene is good, they say.

But whatever the climate or the price
Or wherever I lay my head,
Neither a sleeping bag nor silk sheets entice
In comparison to my own dear bed.

A 5-star hotel offers no finer rest,
Than my mattress that fits me just right.
No pop star or royalty ever possessed,
Such worn soft old sheets that invite.

The down of my featherbed and comfy duvet,
Afford perfect rest for my bones.
My pillows are perfect. I know it's cliche -
But nothing compares to that bed of my own.

So while travel is fun and exciting to do,
More than a few days of it causes such dread,
Because no place on earth can ever renew
Like a night in my very own bed.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Your ode is priceless Mary.....I love it!

Welcome back to your comfy and beloved bed.

The place where you nestle your beautiful head.

All snuggled and cozy and dreaming away.

Rest well there sweet Mary...and have a great day. ~Joy

Liz Hinds said...

Oh, absolutely, mary!

We have a hole in our bed - a real getting-bigger hole - and I am dreading having to buy a new one that won't know how to accommodate all my bits and put up with my wriggling.

MaryB said...

Joy - loved the "response ode!"

Liz - best of luck replacing the bed. Maybe it won't take too long to break in?

Anonymous said...

I love my bed but I am having a heck of a time loving a pillow. I have tried; down, poly, feather/down, firm, medium, soft, pillows for side sleepers, foam, contoured foam. I hate them all! I want a pillow that stays cool, supports without being so firm it is like sleeping on a basketball. Any suggestions???
My neck hurts all the time from the way I sleep... whine!!!

MaryB said...

Bro - I bought a "cool pillow" online 5-6 years ago and love it. It does seem to stay cooler than my feather/down pillows (can't stand foam), though I'm still a pillow flipper. It gives just the right support. Can't do without it (which is why I was miserable for 3 weeks). I'll email you about it. May work for you.