Sunday, September 05, 2021

Labor Day Salute to the Real Workers


If we've learned anything over these past 18 months, it's who the actual boots-on-the-ground workers are in this country. It's the folks who keep things running as safely and smoothly as possible, often at danger to themselves and their families. 

Despite fatigue, uncertainty, and the sheer selfish, despicable behavior of a small but loud chunk of our population, these American heroes show up and perform their duties with the utmost professionalism. 

To the teachers, healthcare workers, domestic and sanitation workers, transportation professionals, wait staffs, construction/landscape/infrastructure workers: Thank you to the moon and back. I see you. I honor you this Labor Day, even though I'm sure you're hard at work, not lounging by a pool. You deserve our respect and a whole lot more pay and benefits. 

To the company big-wigs, fat-cats, and billionaires who refuse to honor those who actually do the work of this country by paying a living wage and providing full benefits: a big, fat raspberry!

Happy Labor Day, honorable workers!

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