Saturday, April 04, 2020

COVIDiary: Learning Curve

Just completed Week 3 in isolation. Well, physical isolation. As in, no human touch or getting to actually be physically present with people. There's social media and video chats and meetings - which have been lifesavers, really. Lots of TV, reading, cleaning, and naps.

What have I learned the past three weeks?

Bar soap is better than liquid for hand-washing. It lathers better and lasts longer. Old-school works better than new-school sometimes.

Regular old alcohol (70%) smells better than bleach solution and really shines things up as is disinfects instead of leaving a film. Wish I'd stocked up on alcohol - the isopropyl kind, not the gin kind (though I could really use more gin, too).

When you stay home all day (and night), you run the dishwasher and washing machine a whole lot more than when you're working regular hours.

My internal circadian clock goes something like this: wake up 7:30-8am, nap 3-4 or 5pm, hit the bed 1:30-2am. That's it. Left to its own devices, that's what my body does. It'll be hard to go back to conforming to the old 9 to 5 when this is over.

Keeping a daily log of my temperature is reassuring. So far, so good. All normal.

I haven't been able to devise a face mask that covers my nose and mouth and lets me breathe at the same time. I've tried three or four of the homemade face mask styles, and I can't find one that works. Guess I'll keep trying. I'm sure there's a trick to it.

Human touch - hugs, handshakes, back rubs, manicures/pedicures, massages, snuggles - and face-to-face interactions are essential to life.

I'm sure I'll learn a lot more as this weird, scary time progresses. For now, I just want to stay positive and not give in to sadness or fear. 


Liz Hinds said...

How are you managing for food?

Life is very strange but there are good aspects to it. So glad I don't have pregnant daughters or elderly relatives to worry about.

MaryB said...

I'm lucky. I've used a grocery delivery service for several years - comes in handy when I can't get out to the store for some reason - so food and other necessities haven't been a problem (yet). Stay well, Liz!