Friday, December 28, 2012

Ex Libris . . . Me!

I got fabulous gifts for Christmas, lots of stuff that I love and will use with glee in the coming months. But one gift is a real stand-out. Daughter had her good friend Erin of Rampant Reads design bookplates especially for me.

I know in this age of books via Kindle and iPod (both of which I use religiously, by the way) that amassing hardbacks is hardly the fashion. But I do it. Nothing compares to being surrounded by solid manifestations of good reads. When I read or listen to an electronic version of a book that I really love, I add the hardback to my library.

So these lovely bookplates will come in handy. They came in a "book" box, with the original stamp - so that I can reproduce them as needed - and a fistful of the plates. And they are so me! A suitcase, a Georgia peach, an "A" for University of Alabama, NY, and an Episcopal shield are worked into the design.

Thank you, Erin, for the beautiful work. And thank you, Kate, for knowing exactly the right thing for your book-lovin' mama.

If you need a gift idea for the book-lover in your life, I highly recommend contacting Erin and employing her design talents.

Now, which books get the first run of bookplates? Decisions, decisions.


Liz Hinds said...

What a wonderful present, mary! And what a talented designer.

MaryB said...

She is talented, Liz. Erin comes from a literary family and works in publishing. This is a new sideline for her, I think.