Monday, April 02, 2012

Office Daffodils

Just because they brighten my day. I have them right in my sight-line to the door so that whoever shows up - whatever the request, comment, or attitude - these little daffy-dills remind me that the world is way, way bigger than my office, my workload, my triumphs, my problems. All that soothing flower-love for a measly $3.

Ahhh, Springtime. Happy April, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Remember when we were kids we would put daffodil stems in a bottle of blue ink and watch the flower turn
blue over night? They were never
pretty that color but I guess we did it because we could. Blue daffodils are not happy. They are depressing. I promise not to do that again.

MaryB said...

I'd forgotten that, Bro. Maybe if we used red or green food coloring it wouldn't be so depressing. And wonder how weird they would look with yellow food coloring - would the flowers glow in the dark?