Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Little Ones, Lobster Rolls, and Long Island Sound

A pretty great way to spend a 4th of July weekend, actually.

The Brennan Clan gathered in Guilford/Madison, Connecticut, for nephew/cousin David's wedding and managed to make a rather fabulous time of it. Though now only a tangential member of the clan, I still show up for things and the family appears not to notice that my official Brennan Clan card expired in 1987. Plus, they continue to feed me, so what do they expect? Anyway, I was really brought along to take care of the two newest clan members, GrandBoy Liam and stepGrandBoy Aidan, during the wedding. Not a bad gig.

My immediate Brennan crew had never spent any (or much) time in Connecticut, so we took advantage of everything we could afford time- and cash-wise in this lovely coastal area. Cuteness at every turn - town squares, window boxes and hanging baskets of colorful flowers, white-washed clapboard two-story homes, docks and marshes and sailboats and casual seafood joints galore. Well, you expected Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher to come cycling around the corner at any minute. Or maybe a Stepford Wife.

But if you're ever up that way, I have a couple of tips.

First: you must - must - pick up a case of brewskies, stuff some cash in your pockets, and head for Guilford Lobster Pound. Lobster rolls and clam chowder to die for. Really. Huge chunks of fresh, buttery lobster (whole claws!) piled onto toasty buns - my mouth is watering as I type. It's a family-owned establishment, and lovely Janice was a fabulous hostess, even bringing us a bucket of ice for our Coronas and Magners. (See how happy son-in-law looks with his fine food?)

Second: check out Hammonassett Beach State Park on Long Island Sound. We managed to stuff ourselves into a couple of vans/SUVs, found a great spot on the beach, and spent a relaxing - well, as relaxing as you can be with two babes under 9 months old - day sunning ourselves and people-watching. A cooler full of goodies added to the summer festivities. Both babies got their first experience with sand and salt water. The rest of us got the chance to stick our feet in Long Island Sound. And a good time was had by all.

The wedding at the yacht club was lovely from the pictures I've seen. Remember, while the non-tangential members of the clan were eating sea bass and toasting with champagne, I was keeping watch over two precious members too young to par-tay with the more sophisticated guests. (Both boys were asleep by 7:15. Whew.) I did get to partake in the morning-after brunch, which was yummy. And it's always such fun to spend a little time with the Brennan mob (and I mean "mob" in a good way.)

Regrets? Yes, one. That I don't have one of those Guilford Lobster Pound lobster rolls in front of me right now. Sigh.

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Liz Hinds said...

Oh my, my mouth's watering ...

Sounds like you had a great time. And any time with grandbabies is good by me.