Sunday, November 09, 2008

Golden Time

The light in New York this morning was filtered through red, gold, and orange leaves, giving a lovely glow to everything. I love autumn, anyway, but this year is especially sweet. The sugar catalyst has been three weddings in the family – daughter Kate’s in October, niece Colleen’s (yesterday), and nephew Matt’s (coming up in a couple of weeks).

Weddings do more than bring a couple together. They bring families together. Those relations you don’t see often or have lost touch with completely are suddenly gathered round, honoring the couple during the ceremony and celebrating during whatever kind of reception follows.

And this is what’s happened over the past few months. Wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, church services, and receptions have repeatedly brought loved ones together, giving us all lots of chances to laugh and cry (happily) and eat and dance and pontificate and smile for photos. The air has been filled with good wishes for each of the newlyweds, for the ever-expanding family, and for the possibilities that all this family-blending hold for the future.

We’ve been triple-blessed this fall, thanks to Greg and Kate (see- it’s not always “Kate and Greg,” Greg!), Colleen and Mark, and Matt and Jessica. And aunts and uncles and grandmas and cousins, nieces and nephews and third cousins twice removed – all given precious time to re-tie and double-knot family ties, not just on one day, but spread generously over the course of three celebrations. Even the brilliance of the fall leaves can't out-shine these blessings.

Three joyous events, one golden autumn.

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