Friday, January 18, 2008

Low Profile

I'm keeping one right now. Work is crazy-busy since that the cats are out of the bag regarding who's going, who's staying, and where we go from here. My workload has quadrupled with my new position. I suspect the salary won't grow exponentially, however. Still, I have a job. No complaints, my friends. Not now, anyway.

The cough's almost gone, but I'm still spending the dark winter evenings with my nose in a book or watching repeats of Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Law & Order Sushi On A Roll, and so forth. When I get L&O Fatigue, I grab one of the books on the stack and go to it. Almost finished with The Emperor's Children. My copy of The Glass Castle came in the other day, so that's next up. It looks like a page-turner.

And speaking of books, I got a sort of chain letter thing from Lil Sis the other day, but this one I'm going for. (I'm a notorious chain-letter-email breaker, just so you know.) Here's how it works: You send one already-read old book to the person listed on the letter (not the sender), then send 6 letters out and put the name/address of the person who sent it to you on the letter you send out so that those folks will send them a book. It's really not as confusing as I've described it.

Anyway, the theory is that eventually I should get 36 books coming my way. Of course, they won't be of my choosing, but it should be interesting to see: A) what books are sent, and B) where they come from. That is - of course - if C) anybody sends me anything. So heads up to 6 of you out there - you'll be getting Sis's letter from me in a few days. I've already sent them out. Dropped a Katie Fforde book (good airplane/bath reading) to the person as per instructions. We'll see . . .

By the way, I've been lurking around everyone else's blogs but have kept my comments to myself. I've grown blog-comment-lazy, I guess. Things will re-energize soon, I know.

I'm counting down to the 3-day weekend. Aaaaaaaaaaah!


Anonymous said...

Stay well, stay well. It can be gloomy to be full of cold in the gray of winter. But, as usual, your blog is full and warm with all your energy and humor!

Happy reading!

petercmoore said...

3-day weekend? You get a holiday? Poo. We don't have one 'til Easter...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need another round of Dr. Winston's cure-all: big glass, half grapefruit juice, half vodka, heavy dash of salt, stir with cracked ice. Repeat as needed... Will either cure you or get you to the point you don't give a damn, my dear Scarlett.

What's a holiday?

Liz Hinds said...

I wnat one of those bed-aids!

Glad you're feeling better and that you've still got a job.

(Do you know how bad my memory is? I just had to go back to check what else you said as I'd already forgotten - no reflection on you, mary, just my brain!)

That sounds like an intriguing chain letter. I love Katie Fforde!

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to see you had sent a Katie Fforde book out on the chain letter. I got into a fit of reading Katie's books a few years back, just fun, relaxing reading. Loved them! Know no one else who read them. So glad you did. Any other suggestions of good, entertaining British reads? Thanks in advance! Virginia Branum

MaryB said...

Tamar - thanks for the wish of health. Hot tea and good books are a big help!

PT - yeah, Martin Luther King holiday. I get more holidays off working for the church than I've ever had before. No complaints here.

Winston - change the vodka for gin and I'm in. And I already don't give a damn, my dear. :-)

Liz - I know. That bed-aid looks pretty cool. And don't apologize; every time I start to comment on a blog, I have to stop down several times to see what was actually posted. Very short-term memory, here.

Virginia - So you, Liz, and I read Katie Fforde. Who knew? I can't think of another Fforde-type author. Hmm. Joanna Trollope? (Though her stuff's a little weightier) I've been reading Anne Perry's World War I series, but her books aren't so light, either.
Try going to Amazon, choosing a Fforde book, then checking out the "Customers who bought this also bought" list. That should lead you to similar authors. (Let me know what you find!)