Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Every which way. I'm still trying to come down from my Thanksgiving turkey-high, as well as deal with a schedule and work-load overstuffed with meetings and must-be-dones.

Quick recap:

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Ate too much. Yum! Lots of family and good friends helped us tuck in to the gigantic meal. A full-filling time was had by all, I believe.

Engagement party was swell. I've posted pics at The MoBster Diaries, if you're interested.

Saw Fred Claus with buddy Joanna. It was OK. I'm still trying to decide if the "Siblings Anonymous" bit with Frank Stallone, Roger Clinton, and Steve Baldwin was brilliant or pathetic. I'm leaning toward "great concept/poor execution."

Put the first hunk of change down on Kate's wedding dress, and she made her alteration decisions. It'll take me a couple of months to scrounge the rest of the deposit dough so that the construction can begin. (And I do mean "construction.") Fortunately, Anne Barge is letting me dole out a bit every month, rather than write one whopping check (which wouldn't be any good, I can tell you).

Got back to New York Saturday afternoon, which gave me a little down-time before revving back up again Monday. Since then, however, I've been quite a little workin' machine. I've churned out brochure copy, press releases, web copy (er, except for this here blog), and approved artwork for several big projects. And the meetings. Well. They never end, do they?

So. Here I am. I apologize for being such a blog-slacker. And I have been lurking around your blogs but haven't commented. I'll get back to that later. So that's it for now from overstuffed Shorty. Once the tryptophan is completely out of my system, I'll get back to pithy blogging.


Anonymous said...

Speaking for the "friends" contingent who attended your Thanksgiving feast, we are over-stuffed with happiness and gratitude for our annual celebration with your family-- what a wonderful day!! And your movie buddy Joanna would doubtless sit through the driest of documentaries with her beloved MaryB, tho she surely liked Fred Claus a whole lot better! Luv from us all.

Anonymous said...

Well, chile, it's 'bout time you showed yo' pretty face 'round heah. Didja manage to smuggle any tea and grits 'cross the border?

Anonymous said...

I have been away (so much work and all those kinds of excuses) but oh me oh my - am enjoying reading all your back posts and other blog! It seems wonderful congrats are in order (I love the pictures). And such a belated Happy Thanksgiving that we are heading into the next one. I will withold that greeting though until the appropriate time.