Friday, August 03, 2007

Vacation Game Plan

Well, I was supposed to start my vacation today, but there are just too many important loose ends dangling around the office, so I'll save this vacation day for the Fall. However, it hasn't put me off working out a list of things I want to do next week during my first real vacation since May 2005. Ten whole days - in sequence - to do whatever the heck I want!

I do have goals for the week:

  1. Stay up late/sleep late(r). I mean, I don't want to over-schedule myself or anything.

  2. Unpack all the boxes stuffed into the closets. OK. At least unpack all the boxes stuffed into one of the closets.

  3. Write. No, I mean it. At least 1000 words a day. Come out at the end of the week with something, anything that I can expand.

  4. Walk New York. I found an amazing website, Architecture of New York: a field study, that offers some great self-guided walks. I'll plot out a day-by-day plan of the areas I definitely want to hit. Can't do all of them this go-round, but I hope to make a dent in the stack. Comfy shoes, camera, writing journal, and some pocket change (and my MTA card, of course, for when I'm ready to stop walking) should be all I need next week, I reckon.

So that's my holiday plan, friends. I see lots of blog-fodder there, don't you?


Winston said...

Do I remember right that you had planned to go up and visit Elsie? Or maybe that is a later vacation...

Whether you do your list, or something else, enjoy it!

Chris said...

Have a great holiday, Mary. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Elsie said...

Mary, hope you have a great time! Yes, I see lots of blog-fodder there. Enjoy.

MaryB said...

Winston - yes, Elsie and I were planning to get together at the end of this month, but we've postponed my visit until Fall. We knew you'd be disappointed that we wouldn't be posting any bathing suit pictures! You'll have to make do with woolly sweaters instead. :-)

Chris and Elsie - I must say I feel energized with the thought of having such a nice span of time ahead of me. To do just what I want. Aaahhh.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation time Mary. Good luck with all your goals...especially the blogging fodder. I'll be watching for it. ~Joy

Liz said...

Yes, definitely lots of blog fodder there. Especially the sleep-later bit ... I like the sound of that.

And do get on with your writing!