Friday, August 17, 2007

Twist the old week good-bye

I'm puttin' on my capri pants and twistin' on outta here. This was one of those work-weeks that seemed to last 14 days, and I'm not a bit sorry to see the back end of it.

But it's finally over. I can leave behind the meeting-freaks, the over-schedulers, and the "fix-this-please"-ers. (Most of those types are actually, um, me.)

Enjoy the weekend, one and all. Raise your glass and do the Peppermint Twist, or whatever end-of-week tribal dance works best for you!

Let me tell ya' 'bout a place,
Somewhere up-a New York way,
Where the people are so gay (yeah, baby!),
Twistin' the night away.

P.S. - I wonder if the two folks on the album cover are still alive. Or have they gone to the big Twist Party in the sky?


jomoore said...

Happy weekend, Mary!

Come on, baby
Twist and shout!

MaryB said...

Same to you, chica! (So, do you have special plans to show off those jungle-red nail?)

Kay Dennison said...

Have a great weekend!!

jomoore said...

Not likely! I have new matching strappy shoes, but it's rained ever since I painted my nails, so I still haven't had the chance to wear them!

However, they did elicit a comment on the golf course the other day - so my efforts weren't in vain... :o)

Winston said...

Hmmm... I wonder if The Twist (et al) is why so many of us have back and hip problems now...

Enjoy the weekend. Still 100+ and still no rain in Music City. Getting serious. Getting expensive too, having to bathe in Aquafina.