Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How come . . . ?

  • . . . the Michael Vick story trumped the resignation of Alberto Gonzalez story yesterday on the major news websites? Both guys worthy of vilification, but c'mon - one's just a football player and one's the Attorney General.
  • . . . I have ten great ideas for stories but can't get one damn word down on paper?
  • . . . somebody thought it was a good idea to do a remake of the movie Halloween? Who or what could possibly trump Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, and the irrepressible P.J. Soles?
  • . . . I've messed up every Sudoku puzzle I've picked up the past week?
  • . . . I've never heard of this Winehouse chick? She seems to be all over the news, but I'm still not sure who the hell she is or why she's so famous.
  • . . . I'm always sandwiched between two loud iPod users on a crowded subway? TURN 'EM DOWN! Or get better ear-buds.
  • . . . the Phil Spector trial's still going on? It's been - what? - three or four years? How many more hairdos will Phil go through before he hits jail for good? Wall of Sound, indeed.
  • . . . we're all getting so fat, but stores don't carry anything larger than a size 2?
  • . . . America's Funniest Videos is still on the air? Who's watching? I'm always surprised it's still there when I'm flipping through the channels. Hm.
  • . . . all the good ones are taken? I'm talking, of course, about the flowers at the stall around the corner.
  • . . . we don't work on Labor Day?


      PT said...

      Amy Winehouse - skinny white Jewish (I think) 20-ish Londoner with a fantastic voice like a cross between a young Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield. she sings a sort of modern version of 60s Motown soul, but with a jazz inflection.

      Can't stand her antics (she's been drinking, snorting and fighting her way around the tabloids with her boyfriend/husband for a couple of years now, over here at least), but I grudgingly admit that she's made a couple of great records (well, going by the handful of tracks I've heard).

      "Rehab" is a barnstormer and "Back to Black" is excellent.

      However, see her singing live and you wonder why she bothers. She wears a permanent sulk on her over-made-up mush. Jeez - if I could sing like that I'd take care of myself and be happy that I've made a small fortune overnight!

      Plus, how much hairspray does she wear? I'm amazed that she doesn't explode when lighting a cigarette...

      MaryB said...

      Thanks, PT. Just shows what an old fart I am, not knowing who Amy Winehouse is. Seems all I'm reading about is her addictions/bruises, etc., not her music. Shame to waste real talent.

      Liz said...

      I kept hearing about her too, mary. thhe I saw her on tv in the gym (like the way I dropped that in?!) She does have a good moody sort of voice but is most peculiar looking with her hair all bee-hived.

      Joy Des Jardins said...

      Yeah, Amy Winehouse isn't really on my radar either Mary. I did happen to hear one of her songs...don't think she'll be on my radar anytime soon; and I have a very eclectic taste in music.

      Who would dare mess with the original Halloween? Not everything needs a remake...or should have one.

      Elsie said...

      I heard yesterday that someone's planning a remake of The Wizard of Oz!!! It's supposed to be "much darker." That can't possibly be true, can it?

      Children, my children, love America's Funniest Videos. Old, new, doesn't matter. Slapstick will always be funny to the young, I guess.

      MaryB said...

      Liz - I don't mind the bee-hive; it's the bruises and tattoos that concern me! ;-)

      Joy - yeah, the Halloween remake is shameful. Why, I watched Jamie Lee just the other night (wasn't she young? weren't we all?). And the PJ Soles strangulation death-scene is still a riot! She really milked it.

      Elsie - well, the remake Wizard of Oz should be stopped immediately. What's next? Gone With The Wind? Casablanca? Citizen Kane? To Kill A Mockingbird? Where are the writers? Where are the imaginers? Why can't we do something NEW? OK, climbing off soap-box now.