Monday, August 27, 2007

Sluggin' it out

I was a big ol' lazy slug all weekend. The Dog Days of August are to blame, me thinks.

No work for me on Friday, as I took advantage of the third of my four "Summer Fridays" that the Church Center so generously gives us off. I spent the day in the old 'hood - love that Upper East Side! - getting a much-needed haircut and slipping in to the movie Stardust to avoid the heat. Fun little fairy tale, that. Robert DeNiro is a hoot!

Saturday and Sunday, though, were just sleeping-reading-eating days. I did manage to rouse myself each day to take Bailey for an hour+ walk in Central Park. The humidity was stiffling, but there were some lovely cool spots in the park and water for Bailey.

I'm not going to feel too guilty about my slughood, however. Lots of stuff to keep me busy at work, and overtime hours are piling up every day I'm in the office. Plus, I'm dealing with an unctuous manipulator on one of my task forces who's driving me and everyone else crazy. Aargh. So I deserved my slugfest.
Now, off to work.


Em said...

What a perfect sounding weekend! I did a lot of that, but had to do a bit of back to school stuff with the kids.

Winston said...

Yep, you deserved. So do I since I have not had a complete weekend off work in over a month. The last two weeks it has been 7 days on/ 0 days off. Before the end of this week, I'm likely to declare a S.H.I.T. day -- that's Spontaneous Holiday I Took, and say to heck with all of 'em.

Too hot here (still) to do anything outside, but maybe later in the week that will start to change.

Glad you got your down-time and used it wisely. Has Bailey adapted OK to new digs and routines?

MaryB said...

Em - I kinda miss the back to school stuff with daughter Kate. All the new pencils and notebooks!

Winston - I must declare S.H.I.T. day more often! Sorry still hot there. We've been lucky with rain - had a couple of cool, gorgeous days last week. Ahhh. Bailey's fine, BTW.

Liz said...

I just looked up Stardust: it looks awful complicated! De Niro as a pirate drag queen?

Sounds like a great weekend and you work really hard so deserve any breaks you get.

Love the slugs too!

MaryB said...

Liz, it's really not that complicated. Or maybe it is, but I was able to follow it, so it can't be that hard. :-) It's kind of a "Princess Bride" sort of movie.

Yea, slugs! Four-day holiday weekend ahead, too!