Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'Tis the Season

It's hot. The humidity is running about 150%. When I step outside I no longer breathe in air, I'm sucking in water. It's a wonder I haven't drowned. This is my least favorite weather, bar none.

That's why sticky summer days find me launching into "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . ," usually to collective howls of "Noooooooooo!" Why is that? What is it about the mention of Christmas - my personal favorite holiday of all time, by the way - that causes such mass protest?

Is it because people associate Christmas with cold weather? (Then bring it on, my friend! Please.) Is it the gift-buying frenzy that folks hook on to the season? Is it that people hate Christmas carols, thanks to Mr. Muzak?

Well, no matter. Whatever the reason for folks not wanting to hear a little reminder of Christmas in August, it's my way of remembering that sooner or later, the weather will change. Sooner or later, I'll be wrapped in sweaters and coats. Sooner or later, the spirit will shift and lift.

Think I'll turn down the A/C, brew some hot chocolate, and load the DVD player with Christmas movies. Brrrrrr. Just my way of beating the summer heat and doldrums.


Winston said...

Nice lamp. I've seen that movie (can't even remember the name this morning) several times and the leg lamp always cracks me up...

tamarika said...

Winston, I think it's "The Christmas Story."

MaryB, you most certainly deserve the Creative Blogger Award for saying things like: "When I step outside I no longer breathe in air, I'm sucking in water. It's a wonder I haven't drowned."

Fabulous! I loved the fact that you could not assign the award to others. "Punished By Rewards!" (have you read that?)

Down here in Philly, we are sharing the heat with you!


jomoore said...

I think the only problem I have with starting Christmas so early is the way it speeds up the passing of time. For me, December is Christmas. One month. Starting it too early uses up a quarter of the year before you know it and then it's new year and that's another one gone.

It's that 'back to school' feeling right at the beginning of the summer holidays. Let's enjoy the freedom before we have to come crashing back to reality!

(As I'm writing this I realise that 'back to school' is the opposite of looking forward to Christmas...)

MaryB said...

You're absolutely right, tamarika - it's the lamp in "A Christmas Story," and it always cracks me up, too, Winston!

Jo, I'm not advocating starting Christmas early like they do in the shops. (I want to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first!) But I like pulling the Christmas feeling up throughout the year, especially in the heat of summer, because as Scrooge said "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year." Plus, when I do it in the summer I don't have to think about the buying of presents or any of the other hassles - it can just be the fun part!