Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prettiest Gal in the Class of '34

Today would have been Mother's 91st birthday. Whenever I get a new calendar, I still mark my parent's birthdays, June 10 and August 30, even though Daddy died in 1999 and Mother in 2004. Wonder why I do that? I don't need a circle on a calendar to help me remember their birthdays. Hmm.

I have a couple of my mother's Fulton High School yearbooks, which I enjoy flipping through every now and then. Mother was in the class of 1934 and the first in her family to graduate from high school. I am always taken aback by how gorgeous she was. She wasn't voted Prettiest Girl, but she far outshone the girl who was. And I'm not just saying that because she's my mother, either.

Alas, neither Sis nor I - as adorable as we are - reached Mother's level of gorgeousness. On the up-side, our daughters are stunning, so the legacy lives on. And I've never been able to master Mother's innocently-flirty behavior, by which she could command the attention of any man in a room without leaving any doubt that Daddy was the love of her life. Well, it was a gift, what can I say? She was a woman of many talents.

I miss her everyday. It's a hard thing knowing that your mother is not still in the world with you. So I guess I'll keep circling her birthday on my calendars, celebrating the life of the Prettiest Gal in the the Class of '34.


Elsie said...

She is absolutely beautiful, Mary. Think I'll go give my mom a hug right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I have ever seen that particular picture of Mother. She was a little cutie pie! What a contrast of beauty and innocence between her picture and the picture of the person in your previous blog. A contrast between goodness and giving and "queenly-meanness". As Mother would say, "Every pot must sit on its own bottom." (eventually)
Happy Birthday, little Mother.

MaryB said...

Elsie - Thanks! Yes, do it while you can!

Bro - It's her senior yearbook picture, and truly, she is the prettiest one in the book. She has as real 30's movie-star look about her. And I was thinking the same thing you were about the contrast between Mother and Leona. No contest!

Jay Branum said...

Mary , Your Mother was truly a lovely person. Always making all of the neighborhood urchins feel welcome and comfortable in your house. I lost my Mom 34 years ago , and I still deeply miss her. She would have been about the same age as your Mom. Your house was always the center of attention as to what was going on. I miss those days , and your parents. Two wonderful people.

MaryB said...

Jay - you always say the nicest things about my parents. Thank you!

I didn't realize your mother had been gone for 34 years. Time does have a way of sliding by, doesn't it?

Peter (the other) said...

Your Dad was truly lucky, such beauty and graciousness seem to be found together so rarely.

Em said...

What a wonderful tribute!

chux said...

nice post again Mary.

Reflecting on such nice thoughts about your mother is exactly how it should be.

I can imagine the confidence she displayed with your comment about the flirting.

She was an attractive person and its nice to hear someone who adored and admired their mum (mom) like i do

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Granny sure was gorgeous! An you are too so don't sell yourself short! We come from a family of beautiful southern women. Purdy is as purdy does. He's a virtual hug!I love you!


Liz said...

I'd echo Kate's comments: purdy is ... and you're a beautiful woman.

Your mother was certainly lovely, and she sounds like she was as wonderful in being as she was in looks. Great legacy.