Monday, August 20, 2007

Chain-yankin' Monday

Well, the chain-yankers are out in force on this dog-day Monday. What? Have they been plotting all weekend about ways to rile me? Well, no matter. The joke's on them. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I disconnected all my "chains" when I came in this morning. I'm easy-breezy and practically unflappable today. Not to mention sleepy. So, yank away, you chronic chain-yankers. Ain't nuttin' in the end o' yo' line!

Speaking of chain-yankers, I see where The Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, has died. She dropped out of the headlines after she came out of prison for tax evasion. Went very low-key. But I pass one of her holdings, the huge Helmsley Building, that sits smack in the middle of Park Avenue at Grand Central Station - it's the place where cars have to drive through and around to get to the continuation of Park on the other side. Well, Queen, off you go, then. Wonder if her funeral will be bigger than Brooke Astor's?

And just so I wouldn't bore Shorty PJs readers with my Mother of the Bride angst for 14 months, I've started another blog: The MoBster Diaries. I'll try to put anything pertaining to Kate and Greg's impending wedding on that site, rather than this one. But I do expect those of you with MoB experience to visit and comment with your experiences and suggestions.

Ooops. I've just found another chain that needs to be disconnected for the day. Hope you're all having a fine Monday.


Chris said...

I find that chain yanking has followed me into retirement, when my working self always vowed that it would not.

Tips for retirement #1: Don't have a hobby that involves committees, etc. 'cos there'll always be people on the that'll yank your chain.

MaryB said...

Lesson learned, friend. No committee-driven hobbies after retirement!