Friday, August 10, 2007

Manhattan 'Cue

It was a cool, rainy day in New York - perfect for sitting inside and watching Vincent Price movies on Turner Classic Movies (he's star of the day). But I did manage to step outside, dodge the raindrops, and head downtown to meet stitches212 for barbecue at Blue Smoke.

I got to the 28th Street station a little early, so I walked over to Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building to take a few pictures. It was actually quite pleasant and a nice relief from the 90-degree heat and humidity of the past week. But the Empire State Building got lost in a fog.

Had some great barbecue at Blue Smoke. As an appetizer, stitches recommended the fried bread and chipotle butter - woo-ee! Good stuff! And we both tucked into a plate of pulled pork, slaw, and beans. Ummm. So much food, that we had to get doggy-bags. (Something to look forward to!)

With full tummies (and since the outside temp was refreshingly cool), we detoured briefly to the Museum of Sex (see previous post) - didn't go inside (another day, perhaps!) - before heading north on 5th Avenue. Walked from 27th to 50th, where we parted ways - her to the bus, me to the subway.

So when you come to town for a visit, I know where to find a good barbecue restaurant and the Museum of Sex!


Chris said...

I've got to come and visit now. Food and Sex!!!

Vincent Price - can't remember full details but I recall some years ago seeing him on TV as, I think, a guest presenter on a food show of some sort. He was making a salad and described the garlic he was using as 'taking this little scrotum and rubbing it round the bowl'. Made me laugh then and now I think of that every time I use garlic (which is quite often).

MaryB said...

Chris - c'mon over! Think of the fun we'll have! And yes, I do remember that Vincent Price was quite the cook. Love the garlic-scrotum description!

Liz said...

That flatiron is an amazing building. Great photo too.