Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do I have a New York guadian angel?

Sure seems that way sometimes. At the risk of tempting fate, I do want to mention that I've managed to avoid several harrowing experiences since living in New York.

The latest was this morning's flood/MTA shut-down. Rumor has it that we had huge thunderstorms (and Brooklyn got a tornado) that completely halted public transport for hours. In fact, I think things still aren't running normal even now. But thanks to this week's little in-town vacation, I was tucked up sound asleep during the chaos.

I woke up around 7:30 - yeah, it was raining, but what did I care? I ate my breakfast, did a little reading, then dozed off again. And all the while working people in New York (which is pretty much everybody) were stranded at various locations around the city trying to do the good-employee thing and get to work. I only had a few errands to do around the 'hood - didn't do one of my NYC tourist walks today - so I wasn't impacted by the subway problems. Thank you, Angel!

And remember the big steam blow-up a couple of weeks ago? I decided worked from home that day, so I missed that horrific thing, as well.

Plus, my dog-sitter has reported that on two different occasions - one at E. 88th and one at my current apartment - I've missed "reported neighborhood bomb scares" by being out of town. Whew!

The big snow storm in March? Where was I? Africa.

Listen, Angel, I don't know who you are (Clarence?), but keep up the good work!


Kay Dennison said...

Sounds like you're really blessed!

Chris said...

My husband works on the 'bullet with your name on it' theory - fate, Kismet, whatever. If we have a near miss of anything he'll say, "Well, it's not our turn, yet".... I'm a bit worried about that 'yet'!

I must say that we are extremely well looked after by someone, sometimes. During all of those horrendous floods recently we weren't inconvenienced at all despite the fact that we live in an area very prone to flooding. Countless things happen near us, or just minutes before we get there.

Yikes, I'm scaring myself now - waiting for 'the bullet with my name'.

Anonymous said...

Would that you would take some of your luck over to Shea Stadium and pull for the Braves who are in town.

On another subject, there's something about Kathy Griffin that reminds me of you. Also, I'm thinking of starting my own blog -

And the whole moose head thing isn't over yet. Although I fear that those who could help are gone.

You know who.

MaryB said...

Kay, yes I am, indeed. But as Chris mentions, I'm sure there's a bullet with my name on it somewhere! Yikes!

Chris - I always think of that scene in Blackadder Goes Forth when Baldrick carves his name onto a bullet on the notion that as long as he owns the bullet with his name on it . . . And glad you were spared the worst of the summer floods. Fingers crossed, we haven't jinxed ourselves!

Cuz - took care of the Mets for you today. You're welcome. And I'll ignore the Kathy Griffin remark. So when are you starting your blog? Is it up? Can I check and you'll be there? And as for the saga of the moosehead . . . guess we can duke it out at the Christmas party!