Sunday, August 19, 2007

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Yesterday was the most glorious day here in New York City. With the temperature in the 60's/low 70s, I could almost believe that fall is just around the corner. That certain smell was in the air - leaves pushing out their last bit of green with a promising whiff of the color to come. And the late-summer whirr of cicadas (yes, even in Central Park, New York City) accompanied my afternoon walk with Bailey.

Our walk took us all over the northern 1/3 of the park, winding up and down the paths of the North Woods and Meadow, around ponds and over little bridges. By the time we got to the Conservatory Gardens, it was packed with bridals parties, all jockeying for photo-op positions.

If you look closely at the fountain picture, you can see 4-5 groups in wedding-photo mode. I saw no fewer than 15 bridal parties out there - from 5th Avenue trust fund babies to blinged-out brides from the barrio. It makes me glad that Kate won't be getting married in New York, if every bride has to take time out between church and reception to get to the Conservatory Gardens for the obligatory NYC wedding picture. Oy!

I'll give 'em one thing, though. They had perfect wedding weather yesterday.

I know the Southland and climes West are suffering through heat and drought. Here's hoping cooler weather starts punching its way through the wall of high temperatures for you soon, friends. It really is invigorating!

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Chris said...

Perfect day....

Here in leafy Surrey it's as grey and cold as a dead rat. If it wasn't for the 'leafy' description I'd swear it was November.