Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Kitchen God's Wife

And vacation! Day one? I spent several hours re-organizing my kitchen. And I use the term "kitchen" loosely here, since I really only have a strip in the living room about 8' x 3' with the necessary appliances, sink, and cabinets.

Still, until yesterday, the area above the cabinets was loaded with unpacked boxes, the microwave was in a totally unworkable space, and the free-standing shelf under the window was piled with junk.

So I took my sweet time and got things functionally organized. I feel right chuffed about it, too. As long as all my teapots are out and ready for use, God's in his heaven yadda-yadda. (Boy, don't I sound like a prissy old lady: " . . . all my teapots . . . " Yikes. Maybe it's time for a tattoo.)

But did I write 1000 words today? Nope. I think I'll start that Monday.


Liz said...

A good cup of the tea is the most necessary ingredient to life. (Well, almost!)

MaryB said...

I agree. Even on the "almost" part! ;-)