Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spots are in, but not on your (blog) skin.

OK, the dots are gone. At least I managed that much.

I've screwed up the blog template so many times today, that once I got it back to a relatively normal look, I decided to leave well enough alone. For a while. I still need to figure out how to create an eye-catching banner. But no more today.

Lord, I need a drink.


Christa said...

Bloggers templates is a nightmare if you ask me, Mary. I can tweak almost anything else, but in Blogger I'm lost..LOL
If you need a catchy top header image, let me know and I'll be happy to supply you with one. Just let me know what you'd want :)

Christa said...

If you're running out of ideas and patience completely btw...take a look at They often have something for everyone :)

MaryB said...

Christa! Thanks for your offer to help with the banner image! I know how busy you are right now - you're a generous soul, not an awful one. :-) I'll email you some ideas I have.

I'll take another look at the blogskins site, but I think I'll take a rest from blog design for a couple of days since yesterday proved so frustrating. Watch this space.

Christa said...

lol...I hear ya. It can be very annoying, but fun when it finally works too :)

And I'm not overly busy at the moment...more like bored waiting for money to come in so I can get Artfinity going :) Feel free to email me when you feel up to it.