Thursday, January 19, 2006

Separated at birth

When I look in the mirror, who do I see staring back at me? Christina Ricci? Ronald Reagan? Sandra Bullock? According to the face recognition demo at My Heritage, those are just some of the folks my face conjours up.

Here's how it works. You upload a picture of yourself (a face-portrait-type shot), the program scans it and compares your facial structure with all the famous faces in its database. Then it gives you a list of people you most resemble (50%+). You do have to register at the website, by the way.

You ain't gonna believe my list:

  1. Pierre Curie 62% (um? what?)
  2. Christina Ricci 56% (calm down, PT)
  3. Ronald Reagan 55% (I'm at a loss, here)
  4. Camilla Parker Bowles 52% (OK, I'm going back to bed, now)
  5. Cate Blanchett, Audrey Tautou, Sandra Bullock 51% (Can we move them up the list?)
  6. Jennifer Aniston (on her worst day, I'm guessin') and Liza Minnelli (on her best day, I'm hopin') 50%

Now, how can any list contain both Camilla Parker Bowles and Jennifer Aniston? Well, evidently I'm some sort of Frankenstein-like combo of a horse-face and a cutie-pie. Boy, I hope I'm closer to the cutie pie.

But at the end of the day, according to My Heritage, I look most like a guy! A really, really dead guy! There's a wee bit of consolation in the fact that the dead guy was genius, however. Just a wee, wee bit. Hardly any, in fact.

Excuse me while I get in touch with the Extreme Makeover people.

Thanks to Liz at Finding Life Hard? for unearthing this little (scary) jewel.

So, who do you see in the mirror?


Chris said...

Wow, I've got to do this once I can find a photo of my face. I hate most photos of me and in the few I've got I'm usually skulking behind someone else.

At the moment whenever I look in the mirror, all I can see is my mother, which is VERY scary, I can tell you. So I'll have to do this to replace that image and to be able to put my makeup on without vaguely feeling the need for therapy.

PT said...

Errr... I think something's broken!

I'm not saying you don't look like Christina Ricci, Mary, but according to this site, my celebrity doppelgangers are...

Wait for it...

Denzel Washington and Barack Obama.

[The latter is a black US Senator, apparently.]

I know I'm "down" wit' the boyz in the hood, and stuff, but that's ridiculous.

In third place comes Lord Kelvin - hero of chemistry - with his bald slaphead and long, luxuriant, flowing beard!

Chris said...

Yeah well I know, PT, that the picture you're using is a forgery. The Wife IS as she looks in it (gorgeous) but you've superimposed another head (does it belong to Tom Cruise with a few adjustments?) and you really are bald and black with a long flowing beard.
Oops - have I let the cat out of the bag?

MaryB said...

Damn, PT. You should be so lucky to look like Denzel or Barack Obama! Mm-mm-mm! I didn't get any peeps of color on my list, which is weird to me - and kinda disappointing.

But if you go to Liz's site that I linked to, you'll see that her #1 was Gilberto Gil, the dread-locked Brazilian musician.

Obviously the program uses facial structure instead of race.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm having a Camilla Parker Bowles morning or a Christina Ricci morning.

Tamar said...

Well, I look like Meryl Streep, Nan Mouskouri, J.K. Rowling, Kevin Costner, Primo Levi, Bill Gates, Anthony Hopkins, Sophie Loren, and Walter Sisulu...

WOW! is pretty much all I can say. What a fun thing to do...

chux said...

i've got to get delmonti to do this because i'm convinced he looks like Les Dawson (check this out)

or this link

I just want to have it confirmed officially so I can rib him about it!