Monday, January 23, 2006

Interesting day

We're in the middle of a three-day conference toot, as exhibitors. It's very tiring having to be adorable and knowledgeable from 7:30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, but co-booth ho' Garth and I manage. It's a CDC-sponsored event held every other year in Atlanta. All sorts of folks doing supremely vital work attend and stop by our booth to find out what we can do for them or just to pick up a little canister of Toxic Waste candy - and don't da' CDC love dat? - that we offer as tchotchkes. (And did I mention how cute we are?)

The up-side is getting out of the office for a couple of days; the down-side is no internet connection - unless we want to pay $200/day at the Crowne Plaza for access. (Note to Dante: create special level of Hell for hotels and airports that charge outrageous sums of cash for a wireless internet connection.) So, buds, not a lot of blogging for the next couple of days.

I did manage to get in a little reading during down times when the hoards are in workshops. Almost finished Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory - great suggestion, by the way, Pete! - which isn't very long, but is pretty disturbing. The perfect read for a biosafety/biosecurity conference!

So I get home - brain fried by constantly having to appear to know what I'm talking about and remain adorable - and have an email from a friend in high (but noble) places who wants me to apply for a job in her department that was posted about a month ago.

When her office sent out the blanket call (and it was a large blanket call) for interested parties, I did take time to read the posting and think, Wow! I'd love that job but I don't think I'm qualified for it. So I filed it away in case I thought of someone who might better match the position. But now my friend - someone I really admire and trust - has made a personal appeal to me, hoping/wanting to make sure I put my name in the hat.

On one hand, I can't help but believe that there are a thousand folks out there more qualified for this job than I am. On the other hand, boy, I'd love to give it a shot. It would be a radical life change for me - maybe the last big radical change that I have some choice in. I'm flattered that my friend is adamant about my applying for the post, but I'll have to search my heart to see if I go for it or not. This is a job that requires a calling - truly. But I don't have much time, because the deadline is January 30.

I guess I should just pursue it to see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A weird, interesting day. You never know when something unexpected's going to come at you.

As for tomorrow, eight more hours of handing out Toxic Waste. Hmm.


chux said...

you've got to go for that job!!! I was chatting with Dave (Delmonti) yesterday and we agreed that we'd love a career change. In my case although I think i'm doing the job I have always wanted to do, I dont think it is the best job for me. I hope it works out well for you!!

PT said...

Glad you're enjoying The Wasp Factory. If I haven't already mentioned it The Crow Road is probably Banks' masterpiece.

Yes. Go for it! Chuckie's right. If someone's recommending you then you need to get over your lack of self-confidence about doing the job. Especially if it's one that you'd like to do.

Winston said...

Back in the day, I worked a lot of trade shows as, us, exhibitor. They were so much fun, so rewarding, for at least the first hour or so. Then booooorrring...

Upside, I got to travel and see the country, lots of cities I would never have seen, meet lots of interesting folks, eat and drink more than anyone should be allowed to...

Enjoy...carpe diem!