Thursday, July 05, 2007

What we did day before yesterday

Wine-tasting. Three wineries, two before lunch. That's the way to spend the day. Yu-um! I'm hauling back some good hooch from Fess Parker and Bridlewood. Didn't get anything from the third place (can't even remember the name), but I'd reached my daily wine-limit by then, anyway.

And just look! I leave Lil Sis alone with the hooch-purchases for a split-second, and she's sampling the goods. Ah, well. I do owe her something for her hospitality this week, so I don't mind sharing. Oh, and thanks, Dewey and Marilyn, for driving us around to the wineries and other scenic sites. We had a wonderful day!

After our wine tour Lil Sis and I took it slow and easy on the 5-hour drive from Lompoc to Yorba Linda. OK, we did stop at In-and-Out Burger, plus TJ Maxx to get me a swim suit, but what really slowed us down was the traffic through Los Angeles. Murder! Our system was to drive as fast as we could until we reached the next traffic jam - first on 101, then 60.

No wonder we've spent the last two days floating around the pool.


Chris said...

Just had to Google Fess Parker to see if he was 'the King of the Wild Frontier' and seems he was. Glad he didn't slip into total obscurity.

You're having a wonderful time, aren't you? Checking out the booze, In-and-Out Burger, TJ Maxx. I'd put up with the 5 hour drive AND the traffic in Los Angeles for some of that!

MaryB said...

Good eye, Chris! Yes, it's the same Fess Parker. No dummy he - he owns most of California, it seems. Lil Sis even bought a mini-coonskin cap for the top of the Six Gun wine!

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a great time - traffic excepted.

Hope you're all refreshed!

Elsie said...

The swimsuit thing didn't get by me, Mary! So are you ready now to take on Newport, RI?

MaryB said...

Oh, yeah, Elsie - I ran into TJ Maxx, grabbed the first size 12 I could find, then hi-tailed it outta there. Still, be forewarned, I looked like a beached whale. Aaargh! I HATE swimsuits!

Elsie said...

We'll keep it between the two of us then -- two peas in a pod (or would that be whales?). I promise, no photos!