Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear England and Wales . . .

Give it a try. It worked for Noah. Remember, it can only last 39 days, according to that Rainbow Promise in Genesis. Hope you're all staying dry and safe!


Elsie said...

Nothing to do with this post -- but I just had to tell you that today I heard on the radio that because of the airline episode where a little boy and his mom got thrown off the plane because little boy continually said "bye plane," there's at least one airline that's considering/planning a family seating section. Timing is everything. Here's your chance to market your clever airline ideas to the world!! I think someone's been stealing ideas from your blog, so you'd better get a move on.

MaryB said...

I know! How can I make money off this, I wonder? Would it help to copyright all my airline posts? (Nah!)

And I suspect there's more to that kid saying "bye, plane" than we've been told. I suspect more was going on somehow. I find it hard to believe a captain would pull the plane back to the gate solely on the word of a cranky flight attendant. Hm.

Chris said...

Dear Mary

Thank you for your concern. It is a bit damp here. In places there is much water but none of it for drinking, washing or general hygiene. Surrey is OK so far but the rain's still a'raining, Oxford & Reading are victims so it seems to be creeping nearer. Supposed to be going to Wales next week with Jo & Thomas. Perhaps we'd better book a submarine!