Friday, July 13, 2007

Lucky Day

As I said last October, I ain't afraid o' no Friday the 13th. I'm kind of average on the scale of Luck, I think. Some bad, but lots of good - lucky enough to be alive and kickin', but not lucky enough to win the lottery or anything.

So eschewing (don't you love that word?) a list of unlucky things in my life on this Friday the 13th, I'll list some of the lucky stuff.

1. Lucky in family. Got a great one, no doubt about it. I was blessed with terrific parents, brothers and a sister that made (and continue to make) life fun and interesting, a close extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles - the whole bit), and last, but top of the list, an exceptionally wonderful daughter. Ups and downs there may be, but we always hang together.

2. Lucky in friends. Still close to a handful of childhood buddies - no putting on airs with them, I tell ya'. Plus, I've gathered wonderful, amazing friends along the way - from my Turner Broadcasting days and my other workplaces, All Saints' Church, various neighbors and cohorts. Each and every one has enriched my life in incalculable ways.

3. Lucky in work. I landed in a big pot of jam when I signed on with Turner in 1975. Who knew it was to become an entertainment empire? But I was there at the almost-beginning, and got to grow with the place. With my stint as a teacher and with Perkins & Will, I worked with great folks and learned so much along the way. And now The Episcopal Church gives me the chance to meet incredible people and try my hand at work that makes a difference in the world.

4. Lucky in health (though I cringe to put this, since it might be a "kiss o' death"). I have been pretty darn healthy over the course of my life. I could stand to lose a few (OK, many) pounds, but beyond that, I have energy, eyesight, hearing, hair, and I'm still breathing. As for the wrinkles? I've earned 'em all, so "no, thanks" to Botox.

Plus, I get to live in New York City.

Plus, plus, I have today (Friday the 13th) off! How lucky can you get?


Elsie said...

You make me feel lucky, too!

Anonymous said...

You are indeed a pretty lucky lady Mary....and a pretty terrific one. Some of that 'luck' you were born with; but a lot of that 'luck' you made. Have a wonderful weekend sweet lady. ~Joy

Winston said...

Yep, lucky is yo middle name. But I am so sorely disappointed that you did not count your dear blog friends among your lucky stars. Guess we'll just have to try harder since we're obviously no higher than #7. I'm off to drown my sorrow in beer. Cold beer. Very cold beer. Hot enough in Nashville to weld your Birkenstocks to the sidewalk...

Chris said...

Apart from family, and I think it's pure luck whether or not you get born into good or bad, it isn't all down to luck. Most of those other things happen because you've worked at being you - a talented, thoughtful, and thoroughly nice lady.

I love the word 'eschew' too and just waiting for an occasion when I can use it.