Sunday, July 22, 2007

Headin' for Home

I'm sitting in the Columbus (Ohio) airport waiting for my flight back to New York. I can't wait. Seems I've been on the road since February. Yes, I've had a few respites sprinkled in, but my suitcase always stands at ready for the next trip.

But, God willing, I'm not scheduled for another road trip until mid-September. Hallelujah!

While I do love traveling and I'm so fortunate to get to get to go to wonderful places, I'm just plain tired of spending so much time away from my bed, my books, my dog, and my funky New York Upper-Upper-Upper East Side 'hood.

I'm looking forward to the first week in August, when I take a week off to indulge - and it is indulgence! - in the glories of New York City. I plan to hit lots of places I've wanted to see - Ellis Island, Wave Hill, Empire State Building (no, I've never been to the top of the ESB), Katz' Deli - plus revisit old favorites like Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park. Tiffany's. I can get some real theatre deals, as well - so you know I'll be pattin' my foot to a Broadway musical.

Sometimes, home is the best place to vacation.


tamarika said...

Oh, I definitely agree that home is the best place to vacation sometimes. And what a home you have! I really enjoyed Katz's deli the last time I was in the City. Have a great week and hug your dog lots and lots. Welcome home!

Liz said...

Have a great week off in NYC. Not at theatre, but Hairspray, the film, is getting fantastic reviews.

East, west, home is best.

Chris said...

Holiday heaven -

no having to get to the airport hours before you can actually begin the journey

no standing in line, shoeless, waiting to be given the once over by 'security'

having all of your possessions to hand and nothing lost en route

being secure in the knowledge that your bed will be comfortable and you know the best places to eat already

Happy holiday, Mary!!!

MaryB said...

Tamarika, Liz, Chris - made it home safe and sound. Even though my official vacation doesn't start for a couple of weeks, I already feel in the holiday mood!

Winston said...

Hmmm... Dog. You said dog. With all your flitting around here and there, what happens to the dog. Kennel? Friends that come by a couple of times a day? Take him/her with you in your luggage?

MaryB said...

Winston - I have a dog-sitter that comes to the house and stays overnight. She's a bit unusual, but Bailey likes her because the sitter spoils her way more than I do. Also, the sitter doesn't steal from me or leave the apt. in a mess, and she only charges $25/day. So I put up with her little idiosyncrasies because it's better than sending Bailey to a kennel. Never fear, she's one pampered old dog!