Monday, July 30, 2007

Fire up the colortini . . .

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know Ingmar Bergman died. All those dark figures playing chess with Death and posh little children standing in front of Christmas trees and symbolism on top of symbolism.

But the real death news is the passing of Tom Snyder, smoker and laugher extraordinaire. A 70s icon and host of Tomorrow, Tom's love affair with the cigarette caught up with him yesterday. Though his show came on way past my bedtime, I'd usually make an effort when he hosted the likes of John Lennon and Charles Manson. I mean, just to watch his over-the-top interview techniques. The show was camp, even though it wasn't meant to be.

I looked all over for a photo of Dan Ackroyd's Tom Snyder character on Saturday Night Live but couldn't find one - stay tuned. Ooops - found it (albeit very small). I often get the SNL skits mixed up with the real deal. There wasn't much difference.

Tom, I hope you're firing up the old colortini in the sky, man.

And as Garth reminded me: Ingmar, Tom, . . . who will be #3 in the celebrity death match this week? (I voted for Ernest Borgnine - no reason, just figured it was about time.)


Winston said...

No. 3 already happened. Bill Walsh, 79, also of leukemia. He was coach of SF 49ers for the years of Joe Montana's heydays, several Super Bowls, and he invented the "West Coast offense" that revolutionized the way football is played.

MaryB said...

Yeah - but he's not Tom Snyder or Ingmar Bergman. I mean, we're not talking Bear Bryant. ;-) Or Ernest Borgnine. My friend Barbara votes for Phyllis Diller. Oooooh.