Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back off!

Enough is enough, really!

I'm in the midst of pulling together a huge work-related event for next year. Yesterday was spent in an all-day design team meeting, hashing out ideas and giving assignments to everyone. Well today, one of the team members has emailed me no fewer than nine - 9! - times, and he's still at it! Aaargh!

No reason for it. Haven't asked for anything today or required any sort of communication. I mean, we had about 8 hours of it yesterday. Give it a rest! Let it sink in! Let me get some work done!

I don't mind a simple "Great meeting yesterday. Looking forward to working with the group." Or even one long email containing all of the random thoughts at once.

But no. One-liners are shot my way every couple of hours. Stop it. Now. Go to bed. And don't let me hear from you tomorrow, either, unless I need specifics out of you. Save it for later.

Damn! Another one just came through! It's gonna be a looooooong year. Sigh.


Elsie said...

Oooooh nooooo. Hate to say it, but he sounds like one of those people who needs to prove exactly how hard he's working. It truly could be a very long year for you, Mary. Good luck.

MaryB said...

Yup. Just what I was thinking. Guess I couldn't put a spam-block on him, eh? Oh, well. He's replying to all, so I'm sure the rest of the team is fed up with it by now, too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

This guy sounds a little too 'gung-ho' for me too. I hope he backs off and gives you the space you need. If the rest of the team is getting all his 'goodies' too, someone might let their displeasure out.

I've been having a little problem leaving you comments again Mary. I hope this one works.

MaryB said...

Joy - glad your comment made it through this time.

And the good news is that I haven't heard anything him this morning. Maybe his amphetamines ran out.

Anonymous said...

I bet it's Eddie Haskill. 'cause he sounds like a big suck up!
Big Bro.