Friday, October 20, 2006

Wuzzup, London?

By this time next Friday, I'll be cooling my heels in London for the weekend before heading up to Sizzlin' Swanwick, Derbyshire, for a conference. I plan to spend Sunday down Surrey way with Jean and Aubrey, my English "parents" (they're not really my parents, but they've looked after me in one way or another for 30 years), and meeting up PT and Jo (I hope we're still on, right?).

But I have no London plans on Saturday.

What I should do is get back to the Imperial War Museum or the National Army Museum for more research on my book. But I only have one day, and I'd hate to get buried in dusty tomes (I do love being buried in dusty tomes), only to have to dig out after a few hours knowing I couldn't come back the next day. Not enough time, in other words. So scratch that idea.

Nothing interests me theatre-wise. I mean, some things look OK, but not enough to plop down the equivalent of $80-90. I'll save that theatre money for Broadway.

I don't have enough dinero to go on a shopping spree, though you can count on my indulging the need to purchase tea and soap when in England. (Not that we don't have tea and soap in the US, I just have a couple of favorite English brands that are cheaper in the UK.) Anyway, I understand the dollar's not worth poo over there right now. Guess unbridled purchases of sweaters and tweed are out.

So what else? A museum or two? Browsing bookstores (but, oooooh, the temptation!)? Strolling through the parks? A self-guided tour - maybe a photo scavenger hunt (and you'll get to see the piccies)?

Ah, well, I'll decide when I get there.


PT said...

We were thinking of doing lunch in Weybridge, if that's OK?

Chinese or Italian?

MaryB said...

Weybridge works for me (i.e., I know how to get there). I love both Chinese and Italian, so whatever suits you guys is fine by me. Just tell me where and when to show up - can't wait!

(And I'm sorry that the Ottershaw Players won't get to entertain me this trip. Maybe next time?)

Winston said...

Going to Jolly Old England to lunch on Chinese or Italian? That's the height of ... something...

Have a wonderful trip. Hope you find your friends and "family" all in good health and spirits. Looking forward to a full report with pics on your safe return.

Liz said...

I'm sorry I can't be with you - make sure you get lots of photos!

Have you 'done' the London Eye? Worth doing I think.

MaryB said...

Liz - I did the London Eye last year - loved it but don't think I can afford it again this year. I'd love to hit it just as the sun is setting. I bet that's spectacular.

No, I think I'm leaning toward a museum/bookshop day on Saturday.

Now, what to pack?