Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gee whillakers!

I've taken to saying "gee whillakers" at the drop of a hat. It's never really been in my cache of exclamatory phrases, so I have no idea where it's coming from. I do know it saves me from saying "god dammit" when I trip on the sidewalk, or "asshole!" when a guy on a bicycle almost runs me down. "Expletive deleted" is what I really mean to say, but that takes more effort than "gee whillakers."

"Gee whillakers!" OOoooo! Scary. I sound as ferocious as Beaver Cleaver or Bud Anderson. Any day now I'll start smacking people with my umbrella. One tough old lady, I tell ya'!


Joy Des Jardins said...

Hey, I think it's a great fill-in. I've been blurting out "Fiddle dee dee" and "Holy Guacamole." How would you like to live with those gems? Yours isn't sounding so bad, is it Beaver?

chux said...

Cursing in english just isnt satisfying enough. Although Beaver Cleaver shocked me at first until I read the link. The french can make an insult sound like a hickie. Or maybe having the gesticulation and description used by the Italians would be better. Up north in england sayings like "you've got a tongue like a dogs arse" are descriptive enough and have shock factor although rather crude. Also any sentence with the words knacker and nadgers will be counted as cursing with style!

That brings this lesson to an end. :P Got to go now as some dumb camel knacker has done himself a mischief by twisting his savoury nadgers and leaving himself with a tongue like a dogs arse!! boom boom