Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pungent Paper

Need paper? Forget sheepskin. That diploma or fancy stationery may actually be made of sheep poo. According to the BBC (among others):

Creative Paper Wales has produced greetings cards and gifts made from the by-products of its woolly neighbours.

Its Sheep Poo Paper products have won a £20,000 Millennium Award for "social entrepreneurship".

After the sheep droppings are collected, they are sterilised, washed and mixed with other recycled paper. This is then turned into the finished paper and cardboard while the washing water is distributed to local growers as concentrated fertiliser.

Liz, when you say the Welsh are fond of sheep, you aren't stretching the truth. Gotta love a country that finds creative things to do with sheep-poo!


jomoore said...

It's great that people are thinking of alternative uses for poo. I wonder how this idea even came about!?

"Hm, there's an awful lot of sheep poo about. What should we do with it?"

"Let's wash it and turn it into paper."


In the news recently, there's been talk about recycling our sewage into drinking water - I can't help thinking that a much more 'palatable' use for our solid waste would be to turn it into toilet paper and keep it where it belongs...

Urgh! This has quite put me off my tea!

Liz said...

Television only recently came to Wales so we had to think of something to do in those long wet evenings!

MaryB said...

Well, I think it's absolutely brilliant. Very creative. Wonder how they get the smell out? (They DO get the smell out, right?)